Strange Anti Masturbation Billboard by Religious Group

Strange Anti Masturbation Billboard by Religious Group

This image is hosted on various sites. It could be sponsored by Christians, but could be Mormon, or who knows what.

The hand on the billboard is on fire. It’s flame-y. If you touched your groin with that flaming hand, you’d have to go to the E.R.

You Can't Hold Hands
You Can’t Hold Hands

Edit. Hello visitors from AlertNet!

I had wondered why this post was getting so much attention (it shows up in my blog’s stats as one of the most-read posts as of late), now I know:

I just discovered that this post is linked to over at AlertNet, via their page (Link): 10 Most Absurd Right-Wing Christian Billboards, but I’d like to point out again I’ve no idea who is behind this billboard.

The sites I found this on did not specify if it was a “right wing group” or Christians, or who. Some Mormon groups are very much against masturbation (see links below), so this could be a Mormon group for all we know.

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