Attack on Celibacy an editorial by Direction For Our Times

Attack on Celibacy an editorial by Direction For Our Times

I think this is from a Roman Catholic site. I do not agree with some Roman Catholic positions on some topics, such as their rejection of sola scriptura, their rejection of sola fide, the belief that the effect of Christ’s atoning work has to be re-applied every week during a Mass, or with some Catholics wanting to bill Mary as being co-redeemer with Christ, and so on and so forth.

However, I did find myself agreeing with parts of this editorial.

It’s quite sad that I was able to find a Roman Catholic work defending celibacy (and just the one, though there might be more), but nada, none, by Baptists or Protestants.

(Link): Attack on Celibacy


    Published on October 27, 2006
    by Direction for Our Times

    I recently watched a late night television show on which the topic of celibacy was examined.

    The host listened respectfully and attentively to a former priest who is now married with children.

    This man has written a book describing his struggle. He quoted statistics that said a large number of priests in the U.S. and other countries do not honor their vow of celibacy.

    .. Is Celibacy Possible?

    The whole discussion was predicated upon the idea that sex and physical intimacies are impossible to do without. I must strenuously object to this because it is a false notion circulated by the enemy of God.

    It is not just Catholic priests who are called to live without sex.

    Single people, those people not in a union sanctified by the Church, are also called to live chastely. It can be done.

    It is not an unhappy existence. Souls make mistakes in this and at times souls struggle. But life on earth is a struggle and it will not last forever.

    Now it is good to love others and there are many kinds of love. God blesses all legitimate love. But the sexual expression of love is reserved for a sanctified union between a man and a woman.

    Those are the rules.

    People talk as though it is impossible to deny bodily urges. If this were true we would all need to be locked up. Some talk as though it is unjust to even ask anyone to control their urges. But God assures us that the grace for this control is available if we ask Him to send it.

    To follow their line of reasoning, we’d have to say that because some people abuse the welfare system, we should generally do away with asking for compliance.

    Because some people cheat on their husbands or wives, we should lift the expectation that anyone be faithful, unless they feel like it. Further, because some people run through stoplights, we should eliminate the idea that every driver stop at every red light. Stopping should be optional.

    Hold on, you say. Stoplights have a purpose and prevent all kinds of chaos. People have tried “open” marriages and we have seen that they don’t work.

    You can’t sanction some people cheating the welfare system and ask others to comply.

    Right. And we should not do away with celibacy simply because some priests make mistakes or do not take advantage of the graces God makes available to sustain them in honoring their vow.

    It is wiser to love our priests, affirm them in their vocations, and encourage them to keep their eyes on Christ.

I posted not too long ago about another priest who was saying that the Catholic Church should stop supporting celibacy:
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