Liberty Counsel Fears Prom, Losing Freedom To Be Abstinent Before Marriage – their marketing has been jeered by ex Christians, atheists, liberal Christians, and secular left wingers / Re: Day of Purity Campaign

Liberty Counsel Fears Prom, Losing Freedom To Be Abstinent Before Marriage – their marketing has been jeered by ex Christians, atheists, liberal Christians, and secular left wingers

A few ex Christian, atheist, and liberal Christian sites, which tend to frown on the concept of staying a virgin until marriage, yukked it up over this story, which seems to have first been reported by a secular left wing site; here is the story from that left wing site (I have several observations below the long excerpt):

(Link): Liberty Counsel Fears Prom, Losing Freedom To Be Abstinent Before Marriage

    SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman on Monday, 2/3/2014 12:45 pm

    As Valentine’s Day approaches, the conservative activists at Liberty Counsel are once again promoting the competing “Day of Purity,” an opportunity for those “who strive for sexual purity an opportunity to stand together in opposition to a culture of moral decline.”

    Liberty Counsel’s previous attempt to make the Day of Purity cool for kids, a video featuring “Purity Bear,” has unfortunately been removed from YouTube following widespread Internet mockery (but can still be found on (Link): Vimeo).

    Now, the group is trying to make abstinence-only-before-marriage hip by calling it the “politically incorrect” (Link): [PDF] thing to do. In a handout (Link): [PDF] about the event, Liberty Counsel even makes the absurd claim that supporters of abstinence before marriage are losing their “right to speak and be heard.”

      [ ———- START of LIBERTY COUNSEL QUOTE ——- ]

      Defending your rights and the rights of others to express their beliefs and act in accordance with those rights.

      There are those in today’s culture that are trying to silence those who believe that sex should be saved until marriage between a husband and a wife.

      They say they want tolerance and diversity, but what they really want is to silence anyone who believes in traditional values and traditional family. You have the right to speak and be heard.

      Be mature and speak out for what you know is right and true.

      [ ———- END of LIBERTY COUNSEL QUOTE ——- ]

    We are not exactly sure where it is now a criminal act to be abstinent or to encourage others to be abstinent.

    Maybe in the same jurisdictions where Liberty Counsel attorney Matt Barber fears he may soon be forced to choose between participating in gay marriage and death.

    Liberty Counsel has more fun tips for the Day of Purity, including a “True Friend” guide [PDF] that warns against maintaining friendships with people who do “not share the same value system.” The group also offers great some great prom theme ideas (Link): [PDF], such as “Chlamydia”:

    [photo of couple holding hands with the words “Chlamydia. It Ruins Prom.” in big letters]

    [ ———- END of LEFT WING EDITORIAL ——- ]

The post also included a few images, which this left wing site made fun of, such as this one (to the right):

"Day of Purity" Prom Ad
“Day of Purity” Prom Ad, click to view larger image

I am of two minds about this.

I do think that a lot of Christians and social conservatives are heavy-handed or ridiculous in how they market their message of sexual purity.

I also think a lot of conservative Christians over-play the supposed benefits of marriage and married sex, such as frequently making claims such as, “married sex will be mind blowing, so wait for marriage to have sex!,” or, “married sex keeps you from other sexual sin.”

Obviously, neither claim is true. See examples (Link): here or (Link): here.

I also think some Christian propaganda, which promises stuff like lasting emotional scars, herpes, HIV, and genital crabs, etc, for having pre- marital sex, can be bunk (see (Link): this post). Sometimes, yes, people do get emotional damage or diseases from pre marital sex, but not always.

I also think sometimes it can be bunk to teach, as Christians do, that having pre-marital sex will keep you from nabbing a great spouse later in life (see (Link): this post). Goodness knows being a virgin past your 30s is not a guarantee God will send you a spouse – it didn’t work for me.

Which is not to say that every one gets away with pre- marital sex or casual sex scot-free, because they don’t always (see (Link): this post for examples).

On the other hand, I wonder about the atheist, liberal, emergent, and ex Christian sites (such as the (Link): Friendly Atheist blog, (Link): SCCL (Stuff Christian Culture Likes), etc) which made fun of the message behind the hammy Liberty Counsel purity advertisements.

I did see at least one or two people in the SCCL thread on Facebook (link above) remark they see nothing wrong with staying abstinent, if one chooses to.

Okay, so far, so good.

But at least one or two people on that same thread (or a previous, similar one) said, “People still do that? Who does that?!?!?!? [that = staying a virgin until marriage]”

Yes, some people “still do that.”

There are people who are indeed Christians who are virgins who are over 30, 35, 40 years of age, and these are Baptists and Protestants, not Catholics who took a vow of celibacy.

It’s remarkable, really; many of the types of people who post on SCCL, just like feminist site “Jezebel,” as I have written of before, expect people to respect all manner of sexuality, from homosexuality to transgenderism, but very few of them support the choice by people, especially heteros, to abstain from sexual activity until marriage.

The vast majority of these folks (the liberals, emergents, ex Christians, atheists, etc) will accept, tolerate, and cheer on every form of sexuality except for hetero celibacy / virginity (one does not have to be engaging in sexual acts to be sexual, see (Link): this previous post). So they’re not quite as accepting, tolerant, etc, as they sometimes claim to be.

Some of the comments in the Right Wing Watch piece were disingenuous, such as

    We are not exactly sure where it is now a criminal act to be abstinent or to encourage others to be abstinent.

While it’s not illegal for anyone to speak about celibacy or virginity or to be an adult virgin / celibate, it’s become such a political hot potato topic that people who do support such notions get shouted down, pressured to shut up about it, or harassed into keeping their views to themselves.

Even Christians have been harassing other Christians to shut up about virginity and sexual purity and to stop promoting them (see for instance (Link): this post for examples of Christians bashing celibacy, sexual purity, virginity and virgins).

Liberals tend to fight against abstinence-only messages being included in public school teaching about sexuality; I’ve read editorials and blogs where liberals don’t even want abstinence-only being mentioned as one among several options, such as use of condoms.

People who admit to being virgins are made fun of in wider culture. You can read more about that (Link): here or here, (Link): Modesty Shaming is the New Slut Shaming.

Regarding this quote from the left wing editorial:

    Now, the [Liberty Counsel, pro sexual purity] group is trying to make abstinence-only-before-marriage hip by calling it the “politically incorrect” …

It is in fact “politically incorrect” to be a virgin past one’s mid 20s these days, or to defend the mere idea of virginity, purity, and celibacy.

If you have seen the kind of constant ridicule, snickering, or incredulity I have seen at the idea that anyone can, or does, stay a virgin past the age of 20 or 25, as I have – I have seen plenty of atheists, secular liberals, Christian liberals snicker at the idea, or express disbelief anyone can go more than five days without sex, with this view expressed on blogs, Facebook groups, on television shows, on pod casts – yes, it’s quite un-hip, un-cool, and un-trendy, and un-P.C. to admit to being a mature virgin, or to advocate for virginity.

You know what is politically correct?

Saying you do not believe in any sexual standards at all, or in passing judgement on anyone’s sexual activity or preferences – at least, most people still agree that pedophile and bestiality are beyond the pale, but I can see the day when our society starts to budge on those activities as well.

However, it’s not politically correct to say that any form of sex prior to marriage (with ‘marriage’ being understood as being between a man and woman), is wrong and a sin. Then, if you do say so, oh my, the secular feminists will scream that you are a “slut shamer.”

And you cannot say you disagree with homosexual acts and think they are sinful or unnatural, oh no. Because then you are told you are a “homophobe.”

If you say that you think sexual activity is for (hetero) marriage only, that will get you laughed at these days.

People are just fine mocking virginity or hetero celibates/ virgins, but those same people will develop a hateful demeanor if you say you consider anything else a sin, and that you don’t agree with transgenderism or homosexuality.

So yes, it is quite un-politically correct to stand for celibacy, purity, and virginity these days.

Has virginity suddenly become hip again? Because I missed it if it did.

Are women and teen girls who become pregnant outside of marriage shamed and shuffled off to live in other cities like in the 1950s until after they have given birth? Because back then, it used to be considered disgraceful by our culture for a female to get knocked up prior to marriage.

Not anymore. Fornication that results in bay-bee’s is broadcast with great joy and fanfare on the covers of People magazine every time some movie star or pop tart pops a kid out solo.
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