Valentine’s Day / Singles Appreciation Day For Never Married People and Other Singles 2014

Valentine’s Day / Singles Appreciation Day For Never Married People and Other Singles 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from Forever Alone Meme Guy!
Happy Valentine’s Day from Forever Alone Meme Guy!

Valentine’s Day

It’s that time again! That time of year for Valentine’s Day related stuff! Or, “Singles Appreciation Day,” if you prefer.

(Link): Worst Valentine’s Day card ever is a hairy lip-curling 114-year-old monstrosity

    • And now, 114 years after its debut, a museum believes it may be the worst Valentine’s Day card in history.
    • Its caption reads: “For The New Woman! With St. Valentine’s Heartiest Greetings and Best Hopes that she will receive another (moustache) – With A Man Attached.”

The card, which dates from around 1900, has gone on display at York Castle Museum as part of its celebration of the most romantic day of the year.

(Link): Forget Valentine’s Day, it’s MISTRESS DAY today: On 13 February cheating men spend £200 more on illicit girlfriends than on wives

      • PUBLISHED: 05:39 EST, 13 February 2014
      • -Today is the day unfaithful men plan to see their mistresses
      • -Around 35% will take her to the pub, while wives more likely to get dinner

-Cheating men will spend under £100 on wives, but up to £300 on girlfriend

Loyal wives may be gearing up for a romantic evening tomorrow night, but it seems some of their husbands will be celebrating Valentine’s Day one night early… with another woman.

It doesn’t appear on the traditional family calendar, but 13 February has been branded Mistress Day for unfaithful British men and their partners in love crime.

New statistics reveal that 71 per cent of cheating husbands plan to see their mistresses on 13 February, leaving Valentine’s Day itself free for a date with their long-suffering wives.

… The survey of 3853 actively unfaithful men also shows that when it comes to Valentine’s gifts, wives lose out.

Of the men polled, 55 per cent plan to spend less than £100 on their wife, while 81 per cent will spend £100 to £300, or even more, on their mistress.

(Link): Hate Valentine’s Day? This one’s for you

(Link): Valentine’s Day: Love When You Are Feeling Blue

(Link): Why you should avoid Facebook on Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day on Facebook: The 6 types of status you can expect to see

(Link): Love stinks: The 10 best anti-Valentine’s films

(Link): The Truth About Being Single on Valentine’s Day


9 p.m.:

    You’re in a sugar coma. You delete Instagram off your phone because you’ve seen too many couple-kissing selfies. Too many pictures of flowers. Too many hashtags that say #myboyfriendisthebest #hefinallyputaringonit #ilovevalentinesday

(Link): 10 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Excerpt (totally agree with this one):

2. Being single is better than being in a sucky relationship.

    No matter who wielded the breakup hammer, hanging onto a bad relationship is never the better choice. By being out of a relationship, you’ve saved valuable time. Time you can now spend finding a much better mate.

(Link): World’s Worst Valentine’s Day Ad (as of January 2014)
(It involves a Valentine’s day themed advertisement for a feminine hygiene product)

Before you sit there and get all weepy because it’s Valentine’s and you’re all alone, just think of all the married people who just got divorced last month:

(Link): In January, ‘ex’ marks the spot

      • By Sarah LeTrent, CNN
      • updated 4:32 PM EST, Fri January 17, 2014

(CNN) — There was that distant-feeling New Year’s kiss at midnight. Valentine’s Day, a holiday based on setting hearts aflutter, was full of awkward pauses and glances over soufflé at the person you used to love. Come March, it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

In recent years, January has earned the nickname “Divorce Month” — a less appealing title than National Pet Month (May) or National Honey Month (September), though divorce can surely be both hairy and sticky.

While marital psychologists and divorce lawyers say January’s more accurate description would be “I’m Starting to Research My Options Month,” they agree there is some accuracy in the nomenclature.

Perhaps the only thing worse than being single on February 14 when you want to be in a relationship is being in a relationship where your partner thinks a dinner at McDonald’s suffices as romantic (I will give this a pass, however, if it’s a situation where a parent is taking a kid out for the holiday, or something like that):

(Link): Some McDonald’s taking reservations, offering candlelight service for Valentine’s Day

(Link): ‘Lovin’ it’?: McDonald’s to host Valentines Day dinner complete with LED candles, roses, and reservations

(Link): Florida McDonald’s taking reservations for Valentine’s Day

    • Two Tampa locations have started taking reservations for Valentine’s Day and they are pouring in.
  • “We have more reservations than we expected already, but we will make it work and keep everyone happy and smiling, because that is what we do best,” store manager Ernesto Izquierdo told WTSP. “And remember this does not have to be romantic, it could be a dad taking his daughter for Valentine’s Day Dinner, and it will be special if they share it with us.”
  • The fast food restaurants already have 25 reservations between the two of them.
  • …”We will have a section reserved for those Valentine’s Day diners and the tables will be decorated with table cloths, and flowers and hearts everywhere. The servers will be nicely dressed and take everyone’s order.”
  • The staff at the second location is also excited for the big day and they plan on decorating tables with flowers and champagne glasses.
  • Singles of America salute you, Sheriff!

(Link): Georgia sheriff cancels Valentine’s Day because of snow — and boredom

(Link): Georgia sheriff cancels Valentine’s Day due to weather

      • By Alexis Stevens

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“The Oconee County County Sheriff’s Office announces that Valentines Day has been CANCELLED from a line North of I-16 to the Georgia/Tennessee border,” Sheriff Scott Berry posted on the department’s Facebook page. “Men who live in the designated ‘NO VALENTINE’S DAY ZONE’ are exempt from having to run out and buy lottery scratchers and Hershey bars from the corner stores until February 18, 2014, due to ice, snow, freezing rain.”

Berry told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution late Wednesday that roads likely won’t be safe enough for travel Thursday as frozen precipitation continues to pile up.

“It’s going to be difficult to shop on the 13th, our traditional shopping day,” Berry said.

(Link): Valentine’s Day marketing: The good, the bad and the cringeworthy

(Link): 6 Ways for Singles to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day

(Link): Spotify Unveils Valentine’s Day Playlists for Soulmates and Singles

(Link): Love’s labor’s lost as snow buries Valentine’s Day

        • Procras
        tinators may find that a snowy Valentine’s will put their plans on ice—or at least, result in one heck of a no-gift excuse.

Florists and other retailers say they’re racing to execute contingency plans ahead of the snow and ice storm moving its way up the East Coast. Meteorologists have called the storm “catastrophic,” and expect it to trigger widespread power outages and dangerous travel conditions as it dumps ice and snow from Georgia to Maine through Friday—Valentine’s Day.

Translation: Plan for potentially delayed gift deliveries and reduced chances of making it out for last-minute shopping or a Valentine’s dinner. That could put a big dent in spending for the holiday, which the National Retail Federation had expected could top $17.3 billion.

(Link): What To Do For Valentine’s Day If You’re Single: 14 Places For Non-Couples

(Link): Not Looking Forward To Valentine’s Day, Ladies?

    • The huge emphasis on Valentine’s Day love can feel so intense that not only do you feel lonely on this day, but you may also feel left out of something that seems to be universally happening for everyone else.
    • When this happened t
    o me, it really surprised me. After all, I was supposed to be one of those women who felt okay being single. I’m sure it’s no surprise that lots of men and women find Valentine’s Day one of the hardest days of the year to get through.

The 2013 Valentine’s Day post:

(Link): Valentine’s Day – this is for all the Unmarried People / Never Married / Singles

Plush Kitten Bouquets.

Plush Kitten Bouquet
Plush Kitten Bouquet
Happy Valentine's Day from Forever Alone Meme Guy!
Happy Valentine’s Day from Forever Alone Meme Guy!

Valentine’s Day

❤ ❤ ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Unmarried People out there! ❤ ❤ ❤

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