Church Matchmaking Show: Congregations Help Singles Find Soul Mates in Upcoming Show

Church Matchmaking Show: Congregations Help Singles Find Soul Mates in Upcoming Show

I approve. Churches should be helping Christian singles to get married to other Christian singles, if they want or need the help.

(Link): Church Matchmaking With Natalie Grant: Congregations Help Singles Find Soul Mates in Upcoming Show

    January 14, 2014|12:40 pm

    GSN Television Network, well-known for its hit show “American Bible Challenge,” is debuting a new show, “It Takes a Church,” where church members compete to find a soul mate for one unsuspecting single.

    “There are a growing number of singles in the church who do not want to be single,” award-winning gospel artist Natalie Grant told The Christian Post on Monday. Grant said these unhappy singles” are finding it harder and harder to meet quality men and women of integrity.” Rather than frequenting nightclubs or bars, or resorting to online dating to find someone new, these unmarried Christians might be part of a grand experiment involving church “cupids.”

    “Each week, ‘It Takes A Church’ visits a congregation from across the country to surprise one unsuspecting single with the news that they’re about to be saved from the dating world,” explains the GSN website. “The church’s pastor will task their congregation of cupids to find the best possible matches for the dater, but in the end, our single will decide which suitor to put their faith in.”

    The “cupid” whose suitor is chosen will have a donation made to the church in their name, according to Sean Jennings, director of Corporate Communications and Publicity at GSN.

    Grant believes one of the best places for singles to find their soul mates is in the church. She described it as “the place where you’ve chosen to make community, build relationships, let people get to know who you really are.”

    When a Christian makes a church his or her home, the congregation forms a community of friends, and “those people have your best interests at heart.” Not only that, but they “may just know someone who would be a good match for you, who shares your same values and morals,” she said.

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6 thoughts on “Church Matchmaking Show: Congregations Help Singles Find Soul Mates in Upcoming Show”

  1. How weird it was to have read your post about this game show on Saturday and find out on Sunday that my church in Milwaukee is participating in this show! I missed the Sunday morning services yesterday, so I decided to catch the 5:30pm service. Unbeknownst to me, it was announced during the morning services that this was going to happen. So I showed up and there’s all of these lights and cameras around, and we had to sign release waivers to sit in the unusually packed sanctuary.

    The service went on like it normally does, but with all the extra lights and cameras filming it. After the pastor finishes his sermon Natalie Grant gets introduced and comes up to the stage to sing a worship song. After the song the game show starts. A single woman is introduced and comes up to the stage. Then a person in the audience introduces a potential suitor who then gives a chance to introduce himself and explains why he should chosen to date the single woman. Another matchmaker introduces another suitor and the process repeats. In all eight suitors are introduced. Then Natalie Grant announces to the whole congregation they get to vote on which suitor should date the single woman. Ballots get passed around and we get to vote. The top three suitors were announced and presented on stage. I was accidentally given two ballots, so I voted for two different guys, both named Luke. Neither won. In addition, the pastor picked a fourth suitor to come up on stage. In the next couple of days the single woman will get to date each one, with the camera crew filming all of the dates. on Wednesday night there will be a special assembly where the single woman will announce her choice.

    I was a little disappointed that I didn’t know about this beforehand, as some of the matchmakers were in my small group. It turns out however that I would’ve been ineligible anyway because the show’s producers were looking for singles ages 25-35. Like yourself, I am an unmarried single in my 40’s. Well the woman they picked appeared to be in her mid to late 20’s which is way to young for me.

    1. @ niftydolphin40

      Thank you for the comments.

      Sorry you were not chosen. I think it’s lousy that churches and other folks put a cut off age on stuff like this, usually churches only want to help singles who are up to their mid 20s.

      With other churches or groups, I’ve seen the cut off be 35, 40, or 49. So what is a person to do if they are over that age limit? I wish churches wouldn’t be so picky about putting age limits on stuff.

      Sunday School classes at Baptist churches can be the worst. I don’t fit in with any of them, really. Part of my goal for going would be to meet eligible Christian dudes, but most churches offer only women-only singles classes for women around ages 35 and up.

      I guess it’s a moot point, since there are not many single guys ages 30/35 and on up anyhow.

      1. I don’t think it was the church’s fault, but rather the producers of the reality show. Besides, I, a 44 year old man, would feel very awkward dating a 25 year old woman. This week I got to hear accounts of the church members involved in the show, and it seemed to be a rather strange, difficult and draining process with constant interviews and reshoot of scenes and the selection process of final four bachelors over three days. This “Reality Show” was really surreal. I think I should be grateful I wasn’t involved in it.

        Still I give credit to my church for at least trying something to help single people meet each other. In all fairness, I don’t feel all that ostracized for being a never married older single. Partly it may be that I look about 10 years younger, or that the church leaders don’t push this “Marriage Mandate” bullshit on its congregation.

      2. @ niftydolphin40
        Oh no, I didn’t mean to suggest that they should be setting up age 40s with 20 somethings.

        If you’ve seen my other post on here ((Link): Creepy, wrong, immature and pathetic: older men chasing after much younger women), you’ll know I’m not a fan of “May – December” relationships (am also not a supporter of 40 something women chasing 20 something males).

        God bless you for wanting to date ladies closer to your own age. I’m in my early 40s, and I would prefer dating / marrying a guy within five yrs of my age, but the majority of them prefer to cozy up to women ages 20 to 35.

        I meant, I think it’s a shame they didn’t try to fix 40 somethings up with other 40 somethings, the 50s with 50s, etc.

        You said,

        Still I give credit to my church for at least trying something to help single people meet each other.

        I agree, that’s good. Most churches ignore us and our needs. And if we dare bring the topic up, we get shamed for it, and told we are being selfish for wanting to get married.

        We’re told wanting to get married is too “worldly,” and to “be content in your singleness,” but then those same people turn around and blame us for not pursuing marriage.

        You said,

        that the church leaders don’t push this “Marriage Mandate” bullshit on its congregation

        Yeah, I don’t much care for Marriage Mandate teaching. I’ve done a small number of posts about it. The Marriage Mandaters at least seem to have their heart in the right place, to a degree. They at least recognize there’s a boat load full of single Christian women who very much want to be married, but they are stuck being single into their 30s and older. They at least see there is something wrong going on.

        But I hate how Marriage Mandaters tend to paint singleness as being a disease, as though it’s a flaw, and they will blame you for being single, etc.

        I really hate that, that they blame all singles for being single. I did not want to be single this long. From the time I was a teen, I had expected to marry by age 29 or maybe 35.

        I was also raised in the “school of Passivity” in this regard. Everyone from my Christian mother to preachers I saw on TV to Christian magazines I read all said, “Pray, have faith, and wait, and God will send you a spouse.”

        I did not grow up hearing the message that you must be very pro-active and look and go on dates and such, if you want to marry.

        As a matter of fact, now that I think of it, we females get the message to be passive and wait quite often and very strongly – a lot of Christians will quote that verse about, “a man who finds a wife finds a good thing,” to mean it’s the woman’s job to sit around doing nothing, and magically, God will spring Mr. Right across her path. This did not work for me.

        I wish more evangelical and Baptist churches did not take such a low view of helping singles get married.

        They view any human involvement at all as being bad or sinful… and I don’t understand that. Do they think God is just going to send a Mr. Right down to me on a cloud from heaven?

        Do you know how I met my ex fiance? A mutual friend of ours set us up! The friend asked me if I’d be interested in meeting his friend, and that’s how we met.

        I wish you good luck (I assume you want to be married?) If not, I respect that choice, but if you do, I hope you meet your “Mrs. Right.” 🙂

        BTW I have a few threads on here you may find interesting or helpful, such as,
        (Link): Myths About Never Married Adults Over Age 40

        (Link): Never-Married Men Over 40: Date-able or Debate-able?

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