Pole Dancing Robots At Tech Fair in Germany (Video)

Germany: Poledancing robots sleaze up CeBIT (Video)

(Link): Germany: Poledancing robots sleaze up CeBIT

(Link): Germany’s CeBIT Has Robot Strippers, Judgment Day Draws Near

    In a move that would make Dr. Evil proud, Germany’s Tobit Software has created pole-dancing robots as their own personal “booth babes” at the CeBIT computer expo at the Hanover fairground in Lower Saxony, Germany. You can watch them creepily swivel their metal hips and probably give our future robot masters a good reason to start their uprising.

(Link): Technology gets sexy: Robot strippers take center stage

(Link): Pole-dancing robots wow at high-tech fair

The pole dancing robot video reminds me of (Link): Rock It by Herbie Hancock.

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