Males and Females Raped at Christian College, College Doesn’t Care – Equally Yoked is a Joke

Males and Females Raped at Christian College, College Doesn’t Care – Equally Yoked is a Joke

As I said on a previous post (this one to be exact), if you’re a single, female Christian who wants marriage, and you’re over 30, you don’t have many single Christian males to choose from.

If you want to marry, you will have to consider dating and marrying a Non Christian, regardless of the “be equally yoked” passage.

Plus, in the two years or more I’ve been skimming news stories to add to this blog, I have seen what appears to be a flood gate of incidents of Christian men (and sometimes women) who have admitted to, or been arrested for, pedophilia, rape, serial killing, stealing, drug abuse, prostitution solicitation.

You may meet an atheist or agnostic who has better morals than some of these Christian males – you really cannot afford to assume that because people interpret the “be equally yoked” verse to mean you can only marry another Christian that anyone claiming Christ is a safe bet.

This story was on SCCL group and appears on the Slacktivist blog. It’s about a woman who was raped, and also a male student who was raped (by other males) and the college did not care, and even accused the female rape victim of fornicated (and the guy who raped her is now working as a preacher some where!). Unbelievable.

(Link): Guest post: ‘God is Done with You’: Pensacola Christian College and Sexual Violence


    March 11, 2014
    By Fred Clark

    At Pensacola Christian College (PCC), a fundamentalist school similar in ideology and purpose to Bob Jones University and Patrick Henry College, there is a saying: “attending PCC is a privilege, not a right.” Students who attend here agree to abide by the Pathway, the school’s honor code, as well as signing an agreement that gives PCC the right to expel any student for any reason at any time.

    When Beth* and David* signed this agreement, they had no idea they were going to be expelled for being raped.

    Beth started attending PCC in September 2002 and almost instantly hit it off with a young man in her English class. He was on the “Praise Team,” one of the college’s PR efforts, and charmed everyone he met. He was friends with her brother, well-liked by her father, and by April they were “courting.” Beth innocently thought she had found the man she would spend the rest of her life with.

    One night in May, however, she was grabbed, dragged into a construction area, beaten, restrained with bungee cord and duct tape, and then raped. As he was leaving her there, she recognized him as her boyfriend.

The young lady reported the rape to police, the college, etc, and this was the college’s response:

    However, when she arrived back on campus with a black eye and a broken arm, her family was confronted by the dean of women and told that Beth was being expelled “because she is a fornicator.”

    PCC took no action against Beth’s boyfriend. He graduated with honors and is now a pastor.

Single Christian ladies: you have to be very, very careful who you date and marry. A guy claiming to be a Christian, working as a preacher, attending church weekly, is NOT ENOUGH.

The same page also mentions:

    David started his college career intending to study law, until he realized that his heart belonged to the stage. But, in December 2012, during his sophomore year, his roommates in his male-only dormitory woke him up in the middle of the night, restrained him, gagged him, and then gang-raped him.

The college accused David of lying.

Toss “be equally yoked” in the trash can, and start judging people on their character and how they treat you and others, not whether they go by “Christian” or attend a Bible college, attend church, read the Bible, or work as a preacher.
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  1. Hello Christian Pundit

    I found your blog a few days ago and just wanted to comment because I can identify with so much of what you have said. I am a 44 year old single Christian male who, like you, has felt betrayed by the church at times. A fre years ago I had many of the same feelings that you have expresses. However, after much analysis and study, I have reached different conclusions. While I am by no means a “religious fanatic”, my belief in God and Jesus Christ is stronger now than it has been my entire life. I would love to converse further with you about some of the conclusions that you have made if that is OK. (I must admit that I am not a regular blogger and had to create a blog site in order to respond to your blog).

    God Bless


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