CDC Reports Rare Lesbian HIV Transmission Case

CDC Reports Rare Lesbian HIV Transmission Case

Is it slut shaming when the C.D.C. (Centers Disease Control) reports on the astronomical S.T.I. (S.T.D.s) for promiscuity and homosexual and lesbian sex?

Oddly, secular feminist site Jezebel reported on this story here, on their site. This is a site that is rabidly anti-slut shaming and usually tends to mock the concept of celibacy or virginity, or any sexual standards.

I’ve noticed that if someone who believes in sexual standards, or traditional morals, or, if a Christian, social conservative, or Republican, mentions that homosexual sex, and hetero promiscuity, can and does lead to all kinds of funky diseases, so maybe, you know, sexual purity and virginity are not such horrible, sexist, patriarchal, repressive ideas after all, they get lambasted by left wingers, ex Christians, liberal Christians, emergents, and post evangelicals and feminist sites for being “slut shamers.”

Yes, I’ve mentioned it before, here:
(Link): Slut Shaming and Virgin Shaming and Secular and Christian Culture – Dirty Water / Used Chewing Gum and the CDC’s Warnings – I guess the CDC is a bunch of slut shamers ?

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    By Susan Scutti | Mar 14, 2014 10:49 AM EDT

    A 46-year-old Texas woman tested HIV-positive while in a six-month monogamous relationship with a female sexual partner, 43, who had been previously diagnosed with HIV. The woman frequently supplemented her income by selling her plasma (similar but not the same as donating your whole blood) and she had tested negative for HIV in March 2012 when she made a plasma donation. However, 10 days later, she went to the emergency room with a fever, vomiting, frequent diarrhea, pain when swallowing, dry cough, muscle cramps, and other symptoms. Hospital staff treated her with azithromycin and discharged her after she tested negative once again (HIV-1/2 enzyme immunoassay (EIA) serology test), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported.

    After 18 days passed, the woman attempted to sell plasma again, but this time she was refused when results were positive on both the EIA serology test and an HIV-1 Western blot test. About three months later on July 5, a health clinic repeated the two tests and confirmed her positive status.

    In the CDC report released on Friday, the woman said she had no heterosexual sex in the previous 10 years, injection drug use, tattoos, or other recognized risk factors for HIV infection. The CDC noted that her partner had stopped receiving antiretroviral treatment in 2010. Analysis showed the two strains of virus to be virtually identical.

    The couple described their unprotected sexual contact as rough to the point of bleeding at times, and routinely they shared sex toys. They also reported contact during menstruation. “The potential for HIV transmission by female-to-female sexual contact includes unprotected exposure to vaginal or other body fluids and to blood from menstruation, or to exposure to blood from trauma during rough sex,” wrote the authors of the CDC report.

    In 2009, the authors of a paper published by the Women’s Institute for Gay Men’s Health Crisis wrote, “According to the CDC, there are no confirmed cases of HIV from female-to-female transmission.” It is commonly thought that women having sex with women have low rates of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) or diseases. Usually, lesbians testing positive for HIV become infected due to intravenous drug use or heterosexual sex outside the relationship. In fact, one study of 18 WSW couples with one partner HIV-positive, the other HIV-negative, found no evidence of transmission over a three-to-six-month period. Publishing their report, the authors suggested that lesbian couples who were monogamous had no risk of HIV transmission.

(Link): Lesbian got HIV from partner, CDC confirms
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