Churches Ignoring The Olds: Increasing Population of Senior Citizens In America – Yet Churches Keep Obsessing About Kids and 20 Somethings

Increasing Population of Senior Citizens In America – Yet Churches Keep Obsessing About Kids and 20 Somethings

If you’re not married with a kid at home, most churches will ignore you and your problems and needs.

Many conservative Christians remain, above all, obsessed with married parents, followed by youth (see here), and special interest, tear-jerking groups (e.g., starving, third-world nation orphans, strippers, and people caught in sexual trafficking, etc).

Which is all fine and good, Christians, yes, should be helping orphans and the like… but not at the detriment of people in other groups who could also use a hand up.

I’ve noticed the peculiar habit of Christians to be willing to show compassion only to certain, limited groups – anyone who does not fall in their particular cherished groups (eg, strippers, pole dancers, and orphans) is persona non grata, and if you go to them for help, you will receive condescending, rude lectures about “count your blessings,” and “you have life no where near as hard as strippers and orphans, so no help for you, go suck it up.”

(Link): Increasing Population of Senior Citizens In America

    by S Simms

As Baby Boomers age, we are seeing an incredible growth in the number of people in a given age group at any one time. In fact, there are now more Americans that are at least 65 years of age than at any other time in our nation’s history.

This can have a number of impacts on society and is also a marker for things to come. In addition to having a greater number of members in the workforce, senior citizens can also help project the increased longevity of our country moving forward.

According to a new census bureau report, there were over five million more people age 65 and older living in the United States in 2010 than in 2000. This also represents an increase of over 37 million people than in 1900.

As we know, advances in medicine, technology and our species’ ability to adapt to changing conditions have contributed to our increased life span. In order to get a full understanding of the senior citizen demographic in the U.S., you can take a look at some of the statistics from the census report.

Senior citizens make up 13 percent of the populations while those age 64 and under comprise 87 percent.

As we get older, females significantly outnumber males in our population.
The largest percentage of elderly people live in the Northeast, while the elderly population is growing the fastest in the West.

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