Wife Stabs Husband, Drives Car Into Church Because Husband Worshipped NASCAR

Wife Stabs Husband, Drives Car Into Church Because Husband Worshipped NASCAR

Oh geeze. No, no, no, marriage does NOT make a person mature or godly. Many adult singles are a hundred times more mature, more godly, and more ethical than the average married Christian. As in this example.

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(Link): Woman drives car though church, stabs husband for “worshipping NASCAR”

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(Link): Tenn. woman claims God made her drive into church, stab husband on altar for ‘worshipping NASCAR’: police

    • Stephanie Faye Hamman, 23, rambled to police about God, the devil and her love of pot after she was arrested Sunday for trying to murder her husband, Steven Hamman, near their Church Hill home. She said she was mad he watched the NASCAR race, so she tried to stab him in the heart. Her husband survived.

MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014, 9:58 PM

A crazed Tennessee woman crashed her car into a church, lay on the altar and then stabbed her husband in the chest because the devil told her the man was worshipping a NASCAR race, police say in a bizarre case of attempted murder.

Stephanie Faye Hamman, 23, who admitted to smoking weed all day and all night, told cops it was God’s plan she carried out in rural Church Hill, a small town in the northeastern part of the state, the Times News reported.

“She stated God had told her that smoking marijuana all day and all night was not good for her, and that she only needed to smoke it at night to help her relax,” Police Chief Mark Johnson told the newspaper. “Mrs. Hamman further stated that she felt her husband Steven was worshiping the NASCAR race at Bristol (Tenn.), which made her mad, and she began having thoughts that the devil put in her head.”

The distressed Hamman told police it was God’s will when she rammed her Toyota Celica into the front doors of Providence Church, a building just across the street from her apartment.

(Link): Police: Woman stabbed husband for ‘worshiping NASCAR’

Stephanie Hamman accused of driving car into church, stabbing husband at altar

POSTED: 11:10 AM Mar 17 2014

A Church Hill woman is accused of attempted first degree murder after police say she tried to kill her husband with a kitchen knife after accusing him of ‘worshiping’ the NASCAR race at Bristol. Click here to view photos from the scene.


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