Divorce Rates in America Decreasing But Divorce Rates on Increase Among Southern Baptists

Divorce Rates in America Decreasing But Divorce Rates on Increase Among Southern Baptists

I would encourage you to read the Istoria Ministries blog for this:
(Link): The Increasing Divorce Rate Among Southern Baptists (by Wade Burleson)

In that page, he references this other page (on Huffington Post):
(Link): Divorce Rates Declining In The U.S. (Interactive Map)

(Link): The Increasing Divorce Rate Among Southern Baptists (by Wade Burleson)

Here is just an excerpt or two from the page, but I would encourage you to visit it and read it in its entirety:

    by Wade Burleson

    … Sometimes I am perplexed by the logic of Southern Baptist assemblies. Rather than boycotting Disney World at our business meetings, we might want to consider a corporate course or two in logic. How can the divorce rate in every state in the union be declining while at the same time the Southern Baptist divorce rate is accelerating, but we Southern Baptists are said to be “accommodating culture”?

    … Think. If we Southern Baptists were accommodating culture, we’d see fewer divorces in our churches. Unfortunately, the divorce rate is accelerating among Southern Baptist churches.

    I believe I know the reason…

    The leaders of our Southern Baptist Convention have been strongly promoting a doctrinal error called The Eternal Subordination of the Son.

    …when you go to a church led by a Southern Baptist pastor who promotes it, the emphasis of the teaching will be on “the authority of the husband” and “the subordination of the woman to her husband” (just like Jesus is allegedly eternally subordinate to the Father). When the emphasis in any Christian environment (home, church, marriage, etc…) is on authority, a breach in relationship is ripe.

Again, please (Link): visit the page to read the entire explanation.
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