Italian married couple claims accident ruined their sex life, awarded $27,000 – Why Christians Need to Uphold Sexual Purity For All Not Only Young Unmarried People

Italian couple claims accident ruined their sex life, awarded $27,000

Let us review how this news story fits common themes at my blog (for any regular readers I know I must sound like a broken record, and I apologize):

Many conservative Christians believe, or practice, the following:

    1. Promise in their sermons, books, magazine articles, and blogs that married sex will be spectacular and regular – so just hold off on sex until you marry;
    2. Women (especially married ones) are not interested in sex, only men are;
    3. Celibacy, sexual purity, and Abstinence should only be emphasized to young singles

Here is yet another story which pokes holes in all three of those beliefs:

(Link): Italian couple awarded €20,000 to compensate for bad sex life

(Link): Italian couple claims accident ruined their sex life, awarded $27,000

    Published March 31, 2014

    An Italian judge has agreed with a couple who said injuries from a car accident damaged their sex life, awarding them more than $27,000.

    The female unidentified plaintiff said she still suffers from back pain, two years after she was run over at a pedestrian crossing. The pain prevents her from enjoying the healthy sexual relationship she once had with her husband, the UK newspaper The Independent reported Monday, citing La Nazione.

    Tuscan Judge Rino Tortorelli ordered the driver’s insurance company to pay 20,000 euros, or about $27, 560, rejecting the insurer’s argument that the middle-aged couple was too old to have such an active sex life.

    “You cannot consider age in the couple’s relationship — whether in sexual, social or leisure terms,” Tortorelli said.

    The couple’s lawyer, Giuseppe Ricciotti, said the accident has created serious consequences. “The couple’s relationship was damaged following the accident, not only their sex life but also their daily life,” Ricciotti said.

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