Christian Host Pat Robertson: Adultery Will Send You To Hell But Pre-Marital Sex No Biggie

Christian Host Pat Robertson: Adultery Will Send You To Hell But Pre-Marital Sex No Biggie

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I watched “The 700 Club” today.

It is a TV show hosted by Christian personality Pat Robertson, where he spends part of the program answering viewer mail.

Some lady wrote in with a question about pre-marital sex, in regards to the Bible character Sampson.

The lady pointed out that the Bible mentions that Sampson had pre-martial sex (fornication) with a prostitute. “It seems out of line for a man dedicated to the lord,” she says. “Is this not breaking the Ten Commandments,” she asks?

Robertson says pre-marital sex is a sin, but he says only adultery was condemned in the Ten Commandments.

Robertson said God “allows such little sins, but he will not break covenant relationship” with a guy who commits fornication.

Then Robertson responded to a question by a married guy who has an “open marriage” (marriage where both hubby and wife agree to cheat).

Married Dude said he’s screwed around on his wife aplenty, but he feels a tad guilty because she has not screwed around on him (I’m paraphrasing his views).

Married Dude wants to know if God will send him to hell for this screwing around with chicks not his wife.

Robertson told the Open Marriage Guy that his arrangement is the same thing as adultery, that it is sin, but God will forgive him for this sin.

But Robertson does say before this that yes, this guy can and will go to hell for adultery, especially if he does not “give it up”.

I don’t think ol’ Pat is being consistent, here. He’s telling Guy A that “Sexual Sin X” can send him to Hell, but he tells Guy B that God will forgive him of “Sexual Sin Z.”

Pat Robertson seemed tougher on “Adultery Guy” than on “Fornication Guy” (vis a vis Sampson).

Robertson’s views seem to be that God is very forgiving of fornication but not so much adultery. Robertson seems to think adultery is worse or more sinful than pre-martial sex. At least that was my take on his commentary, which you can watch for yourself at the link at the top or in the embedded video below.

You can watch the video on You Tube (you will have to sit through un-related bits about Islam, a person who came from a New Age family, a question about gender reversed Bible versions, etc, before Pat talks about the Open Marriage stuff, etc.).

By the way, if this married couple agreed to an “open marriage,” that tells me that married sex is not some earth-shattering ordeal that keeps people from straying, as evangelical and other Christians often claim about married sex: obviously, married sex is not all that hot because so many married people sleep around on each other.

Just seems to me that Robertson is a bit tougher on adultery than he is on pre-marital sex:

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