Singleness, Marriage & Story by James Prescott

Singleness, Marriage & Story by James Prescott

(Link): Singleness, Marriage & Story by James Prescott

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    I don’t generally write on singleness, because I don’t see it as a label and my value isn’t tied into my marital status. I’ve been single the majority of my life. Much of the time I’ve been an unhappy single. Not no much anymore (though I have my moments).

    How and why did this change? When I changed my perspective on marriage and relationships. For years I held the same view as I believe many in our culture – and in church – have of singleness and marriage:

    Simply this:

    Singleness is the waiting room.

    Marriage is where the journey really begins.

    This view says we are only single until we can find someone to marry – and ‘complete’ us. Once this happens then we’re in a position where we can fully complete and fulfill our life calling.

    …In some ways it sounds good. Even logical.

    But it’s total garbage.

    For so long I subscribed to this view. Culture – both in and outside church – fed me this idea of my story only being worthwhile, me only being a ‘real man’, once I was married.

Please use this link to read the rest:
(Link): Singleness, Marriage & Story by James Prescott
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