Wife Kills Hit Man Husband Sent To Murder Her

Wife Kills Hit Man Husband Sent To Murder Her

Oh yes, Christians, sure, married people are so much more godly and mature than singles… to the point they murder hit men to kill their partners.

Funny, in all my years as a single, I have never hired a hit man to murder anyone.

(Link): Woman who killed hit man hired by husband has message for survivors

    April 2014

    Her own husband paid to have her killed. Instead, the Portland woman killed her attacker with her bare hands. Now, almost eight years later, her ex could walk free again.

    She hopes sharing her own desperate fight for life will inspire other women to fight back too.

    “His last words on this earth were ‘you’re strong,'” Susan Walters said.

    She was strong enough to survive a 14 minute attack in her own home. She was strong enough to kill the man who was trying to kill her with a hammer.

(Link): A ‘run plan’, security cameras and a lot of fear: Woman who STRANGLED the hitman her husband hired to murder her prepares for his prison release after just seven years

    In 2006 Susan Walters killed crack addict hitman Edward Haffey

    She choked him to death after a desperate 15 minute-long struggle

    Haffey had been sent to kill her by her husband Michael Kuhnhausen

    He got ten years in jail, but will be released after eight for good behaviour

    She is terrified he might organise a second attempt on her life when released

    A woman who fought and killed a hitman sent by her husband to murder her eight years ago has told how she is living in fear as her jailed ex’s release date draws near.
    Susan Walters has devised a ‘run plan’ to go into hiding if she feels threatened and has drawn up a will in case a second attempt on her life succeeds.

    The terrified 59-year-old has also laid gravel around her house in order to hear the crunch of approaching footsteps and installed a new security system.


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