Who’s your daddy? Sprint and Softbank depict bizarre family portraits

Who’s your daddy? Sprint and Softbank depict bizarre family portraits

(Link): Who’s your daddy? Sprint and Softbank depict bizarre family portraits

    APRIL 11TH 2014

    With its Framily plans, Sprint wants you to convince friends, family and possibly outright strangers, to join the carrier and chip a few bucks off your bill.

    It’s even created a new ad series to show just how broad its definition of “framily” is.

    The dad’s a hamster, while the daughter speaks only in French, accompanied by three animated birds.

    However, Sprint’s Frobinsons have to go a long ways to match the sheer offbeat-ness of Softbank’s answer to “framily,” the Shiratos in Japan.

    That framily consists of a talking dog as patriarch, a wife who has the real power, a daughter played by popular actress Aya Ueto and a non-Japanese son played by Dante Carver (a Softbank commercial mainstay).

    Japanese TV Commercial Family
    Japanese TV Commercial Family

    The core family unit is then augmented by bit-parts from ‘Uncle’ Quentin Tarantino, Manchester United’s Shinji Kagawa (and his dolphin father) and Tommy Lee-Jones, the live-in-maid-from-space.

    Ad-Age wasn’t a fan, but we hope the Frobinsons are just getting started. We’ve pulled together a few English-subtitled Softbank ads and added them, alongside Sprint’s interpretation, to the video gallery below.

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