Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home -but Christians teach that motherhood makes women instant saints

Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home -but Christians teach that motherhood makes women instant saints

How can this be? A woman who was a mother – she got her freak on with a dude, got pregnant, was a mother – killed all of her babies? But most Christians teach that parenthood instantly turns a person into a saint who can do no wrong.

You can’t know God’s love or true love until you have a baby! And you stop sinning when you have a baby!

The Bible says so!!! /sarc

On a serious note: I am sorry for these dead children.

(Link): Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home

    By Janet DiGiacomo, CNN
    updated 8:07 PM EDT, Sun April 13, 2014

    (CNN) — Unbelievable. That’s how a police captain described the case.

    A 39-year-old woman in Utah is in custody, accused of murder, after authorities found the remains of seven infants at a home where she used to live.

    “During the course of the investigation, information was obtained that over a 10-year period a 39-year-old female gave birth to the infants and then killed them. The female was booked into the Utah County Jail on six counts of murder,” Pleasant Grove, Utah, police said in a statement.

    Capt. Michael Roberts identified the woman as Megan Huntsman. It was not immediately clear why she faces six, not seven, counts of murder.

    The bodies were found at a home where Huntsman had lived until 2011, said Roberts, adding that the residence is currently occupied by family members of her estranged husband.

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2 thoughts on “Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home -but Christians teach that motherhood makes women instant saints”

  1. wow! Just horrific! I wonder if you could take a look at this site http://savethemales.ca/
    which is always talking down to women about how their position is at home with a husband and baby and specially the last article telling women to snatch a husband while in college. This women is pushing the one sided idea that if a women wants to get married all she needs to do is snap her fingers and the guy will instantly agree to tie the knot, when the truth is far from this.
    I will say it again most college guys will laugh at your face say if are thinking about marriage. They are focused on their career and or partying and see women as casual hooks or someone to avoid. I encourage any of these oldies talking down to young college women to walk in a modern time campus and really hear what men are saying about women. They are calling them ugly names (bitch, slut,hoe) laughing at their nature, needs and wants and dropping them like hot potatoes even if she is a decent girl. They don’t care about anything beyond their instant needs and of course the college environment encourage this. Please do write an article

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