Women Hating Sites / Men’s Rights Sites Such as Moronic “Save The Males”

Women Hating Sites / Men’s Rights Sites Such as Moronic “Save The Males”

In a previous post, a reader asked me to check out and comment on the site “Save the Males.”

Here is in part how she described that site and some of the views on the site:

    [Writers on the Save the Males site are] …. always talking down to women about how their position is at home with a husband and baby and specially the last article telling women to snatch a husband while in college.

    This women is pushing the one sided idea that if a women wants to get married all she needs to do is snap her fingers and the guy will instantly agree to tie the knot, when the truth is far from this.

    I will say it again most college guys will laugh at your face say if are thinking about marriage. They are focused on their career and or partying and see women as casual hooks or someone to avoid.

Here was my response to the reader that I was going to leave as a reply but decided to put into a post of its own:

Nothing has changed. I was a college student in the 1990s, and it was the same in the 1990s as it is now with the 20 something males.

By the way, you are not going to be in your 20s forever. You will turn 30, then eventually 40, and you will grow to deeply resent how the culture and churches fawn all over 20 somethings and cater to their every concern while ignoring yours.

If you are a single woman past age 35, you rarely will get any articles, editorials, or advice about being single.

Most preachers (and many secular authors) tailor all their singleness sermons, blogs, and books, and articles to a 20 something audience. People are very ageist in this regard.

If you think being single is bad now, just wait until you reach age 35, 40, and older and are still single – it gets 100 times worse, in several regards. (In some ways, it gets a little better, but that is another topic for another time.)

Also, it’s not just men in their 20s who are like what you were describing in your comments.

A lot of older men, men ages 30, 40, and up, are also reluctant to marry.

You will find as you get older men get no better.

When you hit 35 years of age and are still single, you will notice all the 30-something males are the same as the 20 somethings you are complaining about now… them aging ten years is not going to change their attitudes, or it is highly unlikely. The 40 something males, they’re the same.

Male idiots in their 40s who chose spouses poorly in the past, and who have been divorced once or twice, are reluctant to re-marry.

They have been burned once in the past, and instead of opening their heart again to trust and love, they chose to go back into their shell of bitterness and hatred and to make generalized, sweeping statements that all women are horrible, mean, sluts.

Such men think all women are back stabbing, money grubbing hustlers, and they are enraged about paying out the nose for divorce settlements and don’t want to re-live that experience, so they choose to stay single.

Though, over my own life, many of my female friends and family have been the “bread winners” and the primary income earners, while their selfish, lazy husband / boyfriend sits on his ass all day, contributing nothing.

I have seen lots and lots of gold digging men, but not many gold digging women over my life, so it makes me wonder about the divorced men on the internet, or the never-married ones, who keep depicting all women as money grubbers, every time they complain about women online.

You will even see “Christian” divorced men on blogs for Christians, ages 20 to 65, say sexist and insulting things about all Christian women, all because they feel their ex wife treated them horribly.

I know a never-married male, Christian, age 51 or so, who did have a serious girlfriend for a couple years, they broke up, but even he admits in his posts to holding a severe distrust of women.

Even though this guy has known me online for about two years now, and I’ve been nothing but honest and friendly with him, he still harbors some sexist type views about all women in general. The other women on the blog have been equally friendly to this guy… but…

This male, online acquaintance of mine still seems to think we women are all conniving, shady, dishonest, underhanded liars who want to manipulate men, no matter how often I’ve told him not all women are like that. He still has that stereotype stuck in his mind, though.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I do not want to click on the link you gave. Those types sites are common. I have been to similar ones before.

The sexist, hateful, cry baby, whiny sites by jaded men who proclaim all women bitches and users, and where the men sit around say,

    “Wah, wah, women have life so easy, men have things so unfair, wah wah waaah”

are a dime a dozen.

(There are Christian versions of this, where Christian males on the internet say,

    “Wah, wah, churches cater to women and are too feminized, they are so hard on men but so easy on women, waaaah, cry baby, wah, waaah”

– please see this link for more.

Also see: almost anything ever written by Seattle area sexist- and sex- obsessed preacher and deluded, self- styled tough guy and Mixed Marital Arts are Manly enthusiast Mark Driscoll.).

If I visit such a site, I usually have one of two reactions.

On the one hand it would probably only infuriate me, and I really don’t want to get into a time-sucking endeavor of spending hours at their blog or site and then hours writing a detailed rebuttal.

If not infuriate me, I can’t be moved to care.

My feelings on subjects like this go back and forth.

The older I get, in some ways, I find myself not caring as much what other people think about me and my life in particular.

I’m happy living my life on my terms, so if there is a group of sexist cavemen on some site saying they think all women should marry and crank out babies and do nothing else, they can kiss my ass.

It’s my life, I will do what I want with it. I don’t care what they think. I am happy the way I am.

Some posts I write on this blog take less than ten minutes to put together and post, while others can take 30 minutes to two hours or longer, depending on the issue, the amount of research I put into it, and so forth.

(I do actually put a lot of thought and time into some posts I write on this blog.)

I have a feeling writing a rebuttal to your men’s rights site you provided a link to would take hours, and I am not up to it.

You could make a blog of your own and pick apart their views, and if so, I could link to your blog page about it from my blog, if you like.

The type of sites you refer to is a part of the MRA, manosphere, red pill groups – men’s rights movement.

These groups consist of bitter males who are losers at love who then become misogynistic as a result of their own failures.

They should take responsibility for their failures, own their mistakes, and try to improve themselves, but they chose to blame other people (women) instead…. which is not going to get them a girlfriend, sex, or a wife, which is what they claim to want.

After they fail to get a girlfriend or get a date, or fail to get cheap and easy sex after having been “nice” to a woman they have a crush on, these bitter men then go online, on forums and blogs, to gripe about how supposedly terrible every single woman is.

They blame their failure at landing their dream woman on women.

You have these super skinny, ugly men (some are obese and ugly) who never- the- less feel entitled to a skinny, young, pretty woman, who get angry when the pretty young ladies will not date them.

Instead of getting realistic about the type of women they should be dating (which would be other ugly, fat, socially awkward women), they go on forums on the internet to bitch, moan, and complain that all women are insensitive bitches.

On occasion, one will see a woman write articles that bash women – even married Christian women blame other Christian women for being single.

They sell out their own gender.

But I usually see this from Non Christian women who blame all women for being single.

I have written about that topic too, such as
(you need to use this blog’s search feature or archive links on the right side of the page to find this material – some of the stuff you are asking me about I have already blogged about before):

While I do not agree with some of the views on secular feminist site Jezebel, they regularly write editorials criticizing the type of site you are talking about.

You might want to visit their site to read their articles.

For example:

I have also discussed these jerks before on my own blog, such as:

Nice Guys – the bitter single men who complain women don’t like nice men

Why Nice Guys Don’t Get Picked by Women (podcast) (by Deborrah Cooper)

Nice Guys: Scourge of the Single Woman

I also think putting off marriage may be beneficial to women.

As in, don’t get too upset if you want marriage by age 30 but it doesn’t happen – that may be a good thing:

Why It May Be Wiser For Women to Enter First Marriage At Age 40+ – especially ones from religious or conservative families

Some women marry at age 22 but divorce the guy when they turn 40.

Divorced From My Husband, and My Faith by Tova Mirvis – Also: Why It May Be Wiser For Women to Enter First Marriage At Age 40+

More links about marrying or dating later in life:

The advantages to getting engaged at age 37, by Patricia Beauchamp

Myths About Never Married Adults Over Age 40
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  1. Thank you for this, my first thought is also getting infuriated. I am preparing a response myself although I have published articles before for this guy from the other side of the view. Other women hating sites are happierabroad.com and what women never hear blog…all bringing American women down for trying to survive in this world that men have set up themselves. They indeed have good women supporting them and yet choose to be blinded enough to keep talking crap. The christian ones are the worst, they are really vile and inconsiderate. If we are not good enough for secular men and not good enough for Christians what is left? more later..

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