Men: Women Don’t Really Care About The Kind of Car You Drive -ie, Are Not Won Over by Expensive Sports Cars

Men: Women Don’t Really Care About The Kind of Car You Drive -ie, Are Not Won Over by Expensive Sports Cars

I wonder if this myth about women supposedly preferring expensive cars in a man got started by men, because usually, men are more interested in cars than women are, so men naturally assume if other men are impressed by a BMW or Porsche, women must be too.

(Link): Baby, You Can Drive Any Car – As Long as it’s Practical

    New Study Reveals Women Think a Guy’s Car Says Something About his Character, from Economic Status to Self-Image

    NEW YORK, April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Most men might think that hot women like hot cars, but according to the results of a new survey conducted on behalf of leading international dating website AnastasiaDate by Harris Poll, a majority of women associate fancy cars with negative character traits:
    56 percent say that they view men who drive exotic / fast cars as being show-offs or arrogant; 17 percent perceive them as being insecure.

    Furthermore, only one-fifth of women (21 percent) say that they have found a man more attractive after seeing the type of car that he drives.

    The results of the survey – which was conducted online in March 2014 and polled over 2,100 American men and women on the connection between attraction, “date-ability” and choice of car – lead to the conclusion that women prefer a man who drives a sensible car, because it reflects his level of stability.

    And a third (32 percent) of women believe that the type of car a guy drives determines what kind of family man he will be – a guy who drives a sedan, for example, may be preferred over one who sports a Ferrari.

(Link): Forget a Porsche, drive a Prius if you want to attract the ladies

    by Leonard Greene
    April 22, 2014

    Forget the Porsche — guys who really want to attract women should be driving a Prius.

    Sexy models draped over sports cars at the New York Auto Show aside, most women prefer a man who drives something more practical, according to a new survey.

    A Harris poll commissioned by dating site AnastasiaDate found that a majority of women associate fancy cars with negative character traits: 56 percent view men who drive exotic or fast cars as being show-offs or arrogant, and 17 percent perceive them as being insecure.

    Almost half of women say that a guy’s car reflects his economic status. Forty-six percent say that it reflects a guy’s image of himself. Eleven percent believe that the car reflects the guy’s feelings about having a family.

    Only about one-fifth of women say that they have found a man more attractive after seeing the type of car that he drives.
    And 37 percent of women think men who buy expensive cars are compensating for a lack of “something.”

    Men have their own opinions about what a woman’s ride says about her.

    Nearly 40 percent of men think a woman in a fast or exotic car is a show off. Six percent see those women as emotional.

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2 thoughts on “Men: Women Don’t Really Care About The Kind of Car You Drive -ie, Are Not Won Over by Expensive Sports Cars”

  1. What if a guy doesn’t have a car? I’m sure he’d be automatically dismissed by most women as a total loser. But before you do the same hear me out. I’m committed to intentionally live a car-free lifestyle. I get around commuting by bicycle. I ride more than 6000 miles a year, in all kinds of weather including winters in Wisconsin. I currently own a Trek 7100 hybrid equipped with a rear rack and panniers, but I looking to upgrade to a long-tail cargo bike such as an Xtracycle Edgerunner. It’s the bicycle equivalent to an SUV or a pickup truck. It has a long rack that can carry up to 200 lbs., so I could carry a week’s worth of groceries, all my gear for out of town camping trips, or even another passenger. It’s even possible to attach up to 2 kid seats to the rack and carry your kids as you ride.

    As I said before, most women in this car saturated American culture won’t accept a bike commuting guy. As a result I’ll probably never be able to date, but I refuse to compromise. I don’t have to fill up a gas tank at $3.75 a gallon. I never had a parking ticket. I live in a city that in the past several years has increased the number of bike trails and bike lanes on their streets, making it easier and safer to do what i do. I’m in great shape. I’m 44 years old but I’m told I look 34.

    I recall Mark Driscoll telling Glenn Beck that guys without cars are pathetic jokes. If he saw what I do he’d be envious.

    1. @nifty dolphin.

      Hmm. That seems to be an apples and oranges thing.

      The article I posted assumes the male in question has a car to start with, so, the question of the article being, do women chase after dudes based on car preferences? Do they prefer a Mr. Porsche to a Mr. Toyota?

      Maybe someone could do a study about, “Would women prefer a dude with a car to a dude without one.”

      As for me personally, I’m torn about it. I think cars are a pain because (and depending on what part of the nation you live in), you have to pay different taxes for a yearly sticker to put in your window.

      I used to live in one large city where I had to take the stupid car in once a year to get it inspected at a garage, had to pay $40, whatever fee, to get the sticker. Pain in the butt. Gas prices have gone up again.

      OTOH, if you live in most cities, you will need a car to go grocery shopping and the like. I’m not sure how I could have lived in some cities without a car.

      Another thing, another reason I posted this story, is I am tired of the sexist stereotype, usually held by a lot of guys, that women will instantly fall at your feet in devotion and admiration and want to date you if you own a BMW, Ferarri, or Porsche.

      Or, they feel if they drive a practical, ten year old vehicle, women won’t want to date them.

      There are some women out there who are gold diggers who care about stuff like what kind of car the guy drives, that is very true, but a lot of us are not into that, and a lot of us do not place premium value on “what kind of car does the guy drive.”

      P.S. IMHO, Mark Driscoll is a huge douche bag. He’s been in all kinds of trouble lately, if you’ve been keeping up with Christian news events.

      I think Marky views car ownership as a sign of adult responsibility.

      Problem with this view or assumption, like the similar Christian propaganda that marriage/parenthood instantly grows someone up, is that someone can own a car (or get married / have a kid) and STILL be irresponsible and selfish.

      (My ex fiance, for instance, owned a car but did not take care of the car. He did not get the yearly sticker and got pulled over by police and ticketed, etc.

      I used to remind my ex repeatedly to take his car in, pay the fees, etc, and he would not do it. I used to advise him to keep his car doors locked. He had a bad habit of leaving them unlocked every night. I warned him that was a good way of getting the car stolen or vandalized.

      He would not lock the car up at night, causing it to get taken on a joy ride by some teens one day. The cops had to track his car down and bring it back.)

      Anyway, I’ve done a few posts on the blog about Driscoll before such as,

      (Link): Preacher Mark Driscoll Basically Says No, Single Christian Males Cannot or Should Not Serve as Preachers / in Leadership Positions – Attempts to Justify Unbiblical, Anti Singleness Christian Bias

      (Link): Preacher Mark Driscoll Bashes Single Christian Males Some More

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      (Link): Mark Driscoll on Single Christian Women Who Desire Marriage – the positives and negatives of his piece

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