Southern Baptists open to reaching out to LGBT – but still don’t give a flying leap about HETERO CELIBATE UNMARRIED ADULTS

Southern Baptists open to reaching out to LGBT – but still don’t give a flying leap about HETERO CELIBATE UNMARRIED ADULTS

Hat tip to radio host Janet Mefferd (I first saw this link tweeted by her earlier today).

(Link): Southern Baptists open to reaching out to LGBT community

    Leaders at the Southern Baptist Convention are slowly appearing to embrace the idea of a new conversation on gay rights.

    The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, an entity of the SBC, met this week in Nashville for its first-ever conference on sexuality. The gathering brought together more than 200 pastors and religious leaders to discuss “sexual brokenness,” in addition to divorce and pornography.

    Homosexuality dominated the 3-day meeting, with some pastors pushing colleagues for a new tone on reaching out to the LGBT community. “I just think we have to reject redneck theology in all of its forms,” Pastor Jimmy Scroggins told the group Monday night. “Let’s stop telling Adam and Steve jokes.”

Oh, okay, they’re open “to reaching LGBT,” and we all know they expect married women to “graciously submit” to their husbands, they are discussing divorce, and even their (Link): new site about biblical womanhood is mostly about married mothers, but I guess never-married, celibate / childless women past the age of 30 can go take a hike.

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