Christian Tingle – The Christian dating site for those saving hand-holding for marriage (parody)

The Christian dating site for those saving hand-holding for marriage

This has been making the rounds on several sites that lampoon or criticize Christianity.

I truly think this parody nails the insanity of Christian teaching about stuff like dating and modesty.

(Link): The Christian dating site for those saving hand-holding for marriage

    MAY 1, 2014 | BY JOEY WHITE

    After failed attempts to find love on other dating sites, John and Rebecca Esther Sara Bathsheba met one another on Christian Tingle. They both love the same famous pastor, their favorite “secular band” is Switchfoot, and — most importantly — they love Jesus…

    Update: There’s a second Christian Tingle ad from Tripp & Tyler out now. It might be even better than this one.

    Oh, and make sure to share this with your single friends…obviously. They’ll be so blessed…

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