Oklahoma Megachurch Pastor Resigns After Admitting Infidelity

Oklahoma Megachurch Pastor Resigns After Admitting Infidelity

Since Christian married men pork women not their wives on a pretty regular basis, I feel pretty good about not heeding the “be not yoked” teaching. This is not the first time I have mentioned that fact nor will it be the last anytime I find these stories of preachers porking mistresses.

Also, some Christian husbands physically or verbally abuse their wives.

Since there is no benefit or icing on the cake or advantage to marrying a Christina dude vs. say, an atheist, I see no reason to go with the Christian guy.

Christians like to bribe kids with the promise that if they reserve sex for marriage, that married sex will be “mind blowing.” How “mind blowing” is married Christian sex when so many married Christian dudes are screwing mistresses, prostitutes, or banging off to porn?

(Link) Oklahoma Megachurch Pastor Resigns After Admitting Infidelity

    May 3, 2014|11:04 am

    Mark Crow, founder of the multi-site congregation Victory Church, stepped down from his role as senior pastor earlier this week after confessing marital infidelity.

    “Mark will be focusing his full attention on his personal relationship with God, and beginning the process of bringing healing to the fractured relationships in his life and family,” said the Rev. Dale Swanson, executive pastor of the church, in a statement according to NewsOK.com.

    “Victory Church is fully committed to providing the counselors and ministers who will guide him through the process of reconciliation with God, and ensuring the best possible outcome for this next season in his life.”

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