Preacher: ‘They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Hot SEX Lives’ – and once more, never-married celibate adults and their experiences, wisdom, and input are ignored

Preacher: They Will Know We Are Christians By Our SEX

Below: link to a video of a preacher saying Non Christians should realize that Christians have better sex than they do, and he seems to think maybe this will persuade the Non Christians to consider the faith.

Hmm. So, if you’re a Christian virgin because you have never married – you know, you’re staying faithful to biblical sexual principles and such – nobody can ever learn anything about Christianity from you. Okay. You big weirdo failure.

Hang your head in shame for making it past 30, 40, or older, and doing what the Bible commands: not having sex because you’re not married.

Pfft, what could YOU possibly know about Christianity, freak?

Non-Christians cannot be jealous of your non-sex! So, Christian singles, get out there and starting porking around so you can make Non-Christians jealous of your awesome sex lives!!

By the way. I don’t get this dude’s strategy. If I were a married lady, I would not necessarily be broadcasting to random Non Christians about my married sex life… that’s a private thing.

I don’t think homosexual Non-Christian couples are going to be persuaded to give the faith a try based upon boastful HETERO Christian couples telling them what smokin’ hot sex lives they have.

The Bible nowhere teaches that Christians are to preach about their sex lives to convert the unsaved, but about Christ and Him crucified for their sins. (It’s so sad that even I know this and a preacher does not, and I have one foot in agnosticism.)

This dude’s teaching also makes the incorrect assumption that most Christians will marry, when the fact is, a ton of us are over age 30 and still single.

It’s a myth that Christians have great sex lives, by the way… see (Link): this post as one example. Or (Link): this one. Or (Link): this one.

Then, of course, you have Christians who are asexual. They have no desire to have sex, and while some want to have companionship, they don’t want to have sex with their partner. I guess they are excluded from representing Christ, too?

What of homosexual celibates, Christians who have S.S.A. who believe the Bible forbids homosexual behavior, so they abstain sexually, how do you think a sermon like this affects them?

What of Christian divorced, widows, and widowers? They should be abstaining sexually to stay true to biblical teachings on sex. I guess they’re up crap creek too in the witnessing department?

Wasn’t Paul the Apostle, who wrote like around 4/5ths of the New Testament a celibate, single adult? How on earth did Paul expect any Non Christians to buy into anything he wrote since he didn’t have hot sex to brag about in his epistles???

‘By their hot sex they shall know you are my followers’? Is that in the New Testament?

No, wait, Jesus said something about, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another,” and the New Testament writer was probably using “agape” for love in the Greek there in that verse, not “eros.”

Oh Jesus, you are so silly! You should have known that SEX SELLS. What were you thinking? Tsk, tsk.

From The Museum of Idolatry blog:

(Link): Idolatry Classic: They Will Know We Are Christians By Our SEX??

(Update, 2023: the above link results in a 404 Not Found page.
The same content appears to be available here:
(Link): March 2014: Idolatry Classic: They Will Know We Are Christians By Our SEX??)

    • Here is Linn Winters of Cornerstone explaining his dream to the folks in his Church that the world would know we are Christians by how much better our sex is.
    • The name of the sermon series was “Greatest Sex Ever.” We hate to ask, but how exactly are Christians supposed to demonstrate these superior skills to their unsaved friends?
    •  Truth be told, we never considered sex to be an evangelistic “selling point” until now…

2023 Update:

This appears to be content from the same church, though it’s not from 2014 – it’s from around 2017, a 41 minute video on You Tube called (Link): “Hot Love 03: The Hottest Sex is Godly Sex” 

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