Kirk Cameron (Christian actor): ‘Fornicators and adulterers’ worse than homosexual marriage.

Kirk Cameron (Christian actor): ‘Fornicators and adulterers’ worse than homosexual marriage.

Left wing sites are flipping out because actor Kirk Cameron said (to summarize), “‘Fornicators and adulterers’ worse than gay marriage.”

Not only are some in shock, but some of the other left wingers are angry that Cameron is discussing the topic at all. They don’t think the guy should have any opinions about sex or publicize them.

Even though Cameron is criticizing other Christians for obsessing about being against homosexual marriage – which should make some of these die hard, liberal yea-hoo’s happy – they are still complaining. You can’t make everyone happy, no matter what you do.

Said one commentator at Huffington Post, “why is Cameron discussing other people’s sex lives, why is he so interested in who other people screw” or something.

Well, genius, it’s because everyone else is, including guys like you.

Liberals, atheists, ex Christians, and emergents claim to be non-judgmental about sex, but they are in fact very judgemental – many of them ridicule abstinence and the idea of staying a virgin until marriage, and those groups never. shut. up. about. sex, even if it’s to sit back and criticize how Christians feel about sex.

It’s on their (ie, liberal, ex-Christian, atheist, liberal Christian) blogs all the time, from how they feel Christians and Republicans are too preoccupied about sexual purity, to when they themselves make every fourth story on their forums and blogs about sex.

And liberals and ex-Christians won’t STFU already about homosexuals, homosexuality, and homosexual marriage.

Cameron is on the right track to aim at the church and call them out for THEIR sexual sin, instead of lambasting a bunch of Non-Christians who are into homosexuality.

If the church starts taking a stronger stance against hetero sexual sin (especially as taking place among self professing Christians), that will make it ten times easier to combat the unquestioning acceptance of homosexuality in churches these days.

(Link): Kirk Cameron: ‘Fornicators and adulterers’ worse than gay marriage

I’ve pretty much been saying the same thing as Cameron there for the last few years on this blog, and I tweeted this to Cameron a few months ago (I have no idea if he saw it):

I’ve also said time and again in previous threads that the Bible does not call Christians to fight secular culture.

I am not against Christians speaking their minds, voting in politicians who are anti- abortion and so on and so forth.

I’m not saying Christians should totally toss in the towel and completely halt writing editorials against homosexuality, homosexual marriage, abortion, and other social issues that are near to their hearts, but maybe dial it back several notches.

I get very annoyed by militant atheists and secularists who pretty much want to force or intimidate Christians into keeping their values and opinions to themselves.

If Christians want to write editorials or books arguing against abortion and homosexuality, or supporting theism and traditional marriage, that is their right.

My problem with Christians on this topic is largely the amount of emphasis.

I feel that American Christians spend too much time, money, attention and energy on social issues such as homosexuality and abortion.

In the Bible, Paul tells Christians to judge those within the church, those who claim to be Christian, and let God judge those outside.

Paul and the other New Testament writers never tell believers to try to “clean up” society, or picket on the streets against prostitution or whatever else.

The Bible does not tell Christians to fight an all-out culture war, but it rather instructs Christians to help other Christians, guard sound doctrine, spread the Gospel, and do good deeds (help other people).

I’ve also pointed out on this blog a zillion times before that a huge reason there is so much hetero fornication is that Christians not only do not support single adults who are celibate, but they have, over the last few years, begun to ATTACK adult singleness and adult celibacy in their blogs, books, conferences, and pod casts.

If you are not going to support HETERO singleness and HETERO celibacy, of course homosexuality militancy is going to creep in the church, too.

The church is not giving the hetero single teens and college kids a reason to respect celibacy, virginity, and singleness, so it’s not a leap for them to embrace homosexuality and write their goofy blogs saying how Christians should shut up about purity teachings because the teachings hurt their feelings.

(Link): Kirk Cameron: “Fornicators and Adulterers” Pose a Bigger Threat to Marriage Than Same-Sex Couples

    Kirk Cameron is certainly no stranger to sharing how he feels about things.
    But while the outspoken religious actor has expressed his opposition in the past to same-sex unions, he says Christians have have greater concerns other than gay marriage.

    “When people get too focused on redefining marriage, you’re distracted from the bigger problem – fornicators and adulterers,” Cameron told Alabama’s “If the people sitting in the pews are fornicators and adulterers, the church will destroy marriages much more quickly than those outside the church. When God’s people mock marriage, God doesn’t take that lightly.”

    Cameron added, “I think the greatest threat to marriage is not other people’s definition of marriage. The church isn’t taking God’s definition of marriage seriously. It’s not other people sabotaging marriage that’s the problem.”

    The former Growing Pains star also noted that “the church determines the moral temperature of the culture. On our watch we’ve let morality decay, the commitment to love and marriage fall apart. We’ve given in to an anti-biblical Christian worldview. We’re simply failing to do our job as the church. Other people are moving into the leadership positions and steering the car right off the cliff. They’re not the problem. It’s those in the church who have taken their hands off the wheel and given up our place in the driver’s seat.”

(Link): Kirk Cameron Says ‘Fornicators And Adulterers’ Bigger Problem Than Gay Marriage

    Beloved ’80s sitcom star Kirk Cameron is once again making headlines for his controversial views on marriage, and this time he has some pointed advice for Christians.

    In an interview with, Cameron said that Christians need to focus their energies on cleaning up their own acts, rather than making the fight against marriage equality their number one priority.

    “When people get too focused on redefining marriage, you’re distracted from the bigger problem — fornicators and adulterers,” Cameron stated. “If the people sitting in the pews are fornicators and adulterers, the church will destroy marriages much more quickly than those outside the church. When God’s people mock marriage, God doesn’t take that lightly.”

(Link): Kirk Cameron says Christians have greater concerns other than gay marriage

(Link): Forget gay marriage: ‘Fornicators and adulterers’ in church a bigger issue, says actor Kirk Cameron, in Alabama to talk marriage

(Link): Kirk Cameron says Christians should clean up their own house before condemning gay marriage
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