Man undergoing minor surgery given vasectomy by mistake

Man undergoing minor surgery given vasectomy by mistake

(Link): Man undergoing minor surgery given vasectomy by mistake

    The man was admitted for a minor urological procedure but the Royal Liverpool Hospital surgeon operated on the ‘wrong site’

(Link): Man given vasectomy by MISTAKE after going into hospital for minor op

    A man who went into hospital for a minor operation was given a vasectomy by MISTAKE.

    Doctors at Royal Liverpool Hospital have tried to reverse the blunder, but the victim now faces an anxious wait to see if he will be able to have children.

    Health chiefs described the incident as a “never event” – a medical mistake that should never happen – and a case of “wrong site surgery”.

    The hospital today “apologised unreservedly” to the patient and said the surgeon has been suspended from carrying out operations during an internal investigation, the Liverpool Echo reports.

    The man has not been identified and the NHS trust refused to disclose his age.

    Dr Peter Williams, medical director, said: “We can confirm a patient who was scheduled to have a different minor urological procedure was wrongly given a vasectomy.


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