Christian Mouthpiece – Russell Moore – Who Says Christians Are Prideful About Virginity Has Audacity to Make Pro Sexual Purity Arguments on TGC (Gospel Coalition) Site

Christian Mouthpiece Who Says Christians Are Prideful About Virginity Has Audacity to Make Pro Sexual Purity Arguments on TGC (Gospel Coalition) Site

Russell Moore is being a hypocrite on this topic. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth about it.

(Link): Can We Trade Sexual Morality for Church Growth? by Russell Moore, hosted on TGC site

Here is an excerpt or two from that page with observations by me below the excerpts:

    by Russell Moore

    From time to time we hear some telling us that evangelical Christianity must retool our sexual ethic if we’re ever going to reach the next generation.

    Some say that Millennials, particularly, are leaving the church because of our “obsession” with sexual morality. The next generation needs a more flexible ethic, they say, on premarital sex, homosexuality, and so on. We’ll either adapt, the line goes, or we’ll die.

    …Always Difficult

    The same is true with a Christian sexual ethic. Sexual morality didn’t become difficult with the onset of the sexual revolution. It always has been. Walking away from our own lordship, or from the tyranny of our desires, has always been a narrow way. The rich young ruler wanted a religion that would promise him his best life now, extended out into eternity. But Jesus knew that such an existence isn’t life at all, just the zombie corpse of the way of the flesh. He came to give us something else, to join us to his own life.

    …But even if it “worked” to negotiate away sexual morality for church growth, we wouldn’t do it. We can only reach Millennials, and anyone else, by reaching them with the gospel, good news for repentant sinners through the shed blood and empty tomb of Jesus Christ.

    If we have to choose between Millennials and Jesus, we choose Jesus.

    …No Amendment

    Some think the Christian sexual ethic is akin to our congregation’s constitution and by-laws, that it can be amended by a two-thirds vote. But this isn’t the case. Sexuality isn’t ancillary to the gospel but is itself an embodied icon of the gospel, pointing us to the union of Christ and his church (Eph. 5:29-32).

    This is why the Bible speaks of sexual immorality as having profound spiritual consequences (1 Cor. 6:17-20), ultimately leading, if not repented of, to exile from the kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

    Sexual immorality isn’t simply a matter of neurons firing. A Christian view of reality means that the body is a temple, set apart to be a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. Sexual immorality isn’t just bad for us (although it is); it’s also an act of desecrating a holy place.

And Moore’s editorial goes on like that for several additional paragraphs.

I don’t think a guy who advises Christian virgins that they are “idolizing” virginity if they are upset or disappointed that their betrothed is a non-virgin – as Moore has done preivously (see link below) – is really in a place to opine about how churches should not “trade sexual morality for church growth.”

Even sadder is that a well-known Christian apologetics group was tweeting a link to this Moore editorial yesterday, as though they approve of it.

I tweeted them a link to my rebuttal:
(Link): Christians Who Attack Virginity Celibacy and Sexual Purity – and specifically Russell D. Moore and James M. Kushiner

A person who claims to represent Christian sexual ethics and who scolds a virgin Christian for wanting, or hoping, to marry another Christian virgin, and accusing her of “idolizing virginity” or “being prideful” about it, has no place to write

    “Sexual immorality isn’t simply a matter of neurons firing. A Christian view of reality means that the body is a temple, set apart to be a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. Sexual immorality isn’t just bad for us (although it is); it’s also an act of desecrating a holy place”

and similar things.

I could just as easily argue here (using Moore’s own, former arguments) that Moore has turned sexual morality into an idol and is “being prideful” about this topic, as he did to the young virginal woman who wrote to him about the topic of being chaste until marriage.

And to quote well known Christian blogger Tim Challies (see this link for more), I can remind Moore that “everyone, even fornicators, are virgins now,” and I can remind Moore of his own (strange) words from a prior post, that “Jesus was a virgin but his bride was not, but he loved his bride anyway” to say his arguments in favor of sexual morality are bogus.

Moore is correct that the church should stop pandering to people under the age of 30 in a general sense, but, Moore has no place to speak about Christian views about sexual morality, since he does not truly believe in them, but even writes blog posts against them on other occasions.

I take it that guys such as Moore and Challies, who are so easily dismissive of consensual sexual sin, are the types who think Christians should use fornicators, and not actual adult virgins, as role models on sexual purity.

For more on this peculiar Christian habit, please see:
(Link): How About Using Celibates as Role Models For Celibacy? (Oddity: Christians Holding Up Non-Virgins [Fornicators] As Being Experts or Positive Examples on Sexual Purity)

(Link): On Christians and The Term “Born Again Virgin” (or “secondary virginity” etc)
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I am planning at some point to post this on TGC…
My post on TGC site (don’t know if they will allow it to be published):
I would not listen to Russell Moore on topics such as this, or, I would at least take anything he has to say with a large grain of salt. Moore has, in the past, scolded Christian, adult virgins for being upset or disappointed that the marital partner they get (should they marry) might be a fornicator.

Moore accuses Christians who have lived a life of sexual purity of being “prideful,” and other nonsense, which undermines any supposed support he otherwise claims for virginity, celibacy, and Biblical sexual values.

I am not sure if we are permitted to give links in our comments on this site, but here is a link or URL to a blog post of mine where I discussed this situation in a bit more detail:
Christian Mouthpiece – Russell Moore – Who Says Christians Are Prideful About Virginity Has Audacity to Make Pro Sexual Purity Arguments on TGC (Gospel Coalition) Site
Post in response to Curt D (sitting in mod queue)

Christians need to positively discuss lifelong singleness and celibacy, but they do not. It is not realistic to discuss sex in only terms of marriage, for some of us never marry, even if we want to and try to.

I am over 40, had hoped to marry, am still a virgin. I was told when a Christian and younger if I prayed, had faith, and waited, that God would provide me with a husband – it never happened.

There are many other Christian single women over the age of 30 who are in the same boat as me.

Instead of holding up marriage as some kind of goal or reward, Christians need to stress and preach on celibacy and singleness, and stop ignoring adult singles.

But most every sermon out of churches today, or blog pages, are about marriage, marriage, marriage.

Adult singles cannot relate to any of the non stop marriage pontificating, and our particular struggles as older singles are not being discussed, and we are not being helped. All the focus by Christians is on marriage and married people and/or parenthood, and fighting cultural wars (ie, homosexual marriage).

Some Christians (such as S.B. Al Mohler) actually come right out and insult adult singleness and push kids today to marry before they hit 21 years old, instead of supporting singleness as a perfectly fine option. Adult singleness is viewed as being a disease or second class status by many Christian talking heads and denominations.

There is no reason that homosexuals cannot remain celibate over their entire lives – I am hetero, and I have done it (never had sex, as I have never married).

The Bible is consistent on sexual ethics – everyone is supposed to abstain unless married, and marriage is understood as originally intended (as put forth in Genesis in the creation account, and Jesus confirmed in the NT), as being between one man and one woman.
Response to some guy named John M.

As I said in a post at the top of this page, which is still sitting in moderation (who knows if it will see the light of day), Christians do not truly uphold celibacy, virginity, and sexual purity.

I’m over 40 years of age and still a virgin, as I have never married, though I was engaged once. The church does nothing to support or encourage mature virgins.

The church acts like sexual purity is only for teen aged kids and college kids. You never hear sermons or see blog pages where Christians pat older virgins such as myself on the back for being a virgin at age 40, or encourage me to hold on.

It is just assumed by Christians that all un-married people, both Christian and Non Christian, who are past the age of 25, are fornicating (even though they are not), so they say, “but that’s okay, God forgives your sexual sin.”

The very guy who wrote this page, Russell Moore, shamed and scolded a Christian virgin who wrote to him a few years ago.

Moore scolded the woman on his blog for her being concerned that the man she would marry may be a fornicator.

Moore accused her of being “prideful” of virginity and so on (though her letter showed no evidence of this), so all his claims about being concerned about sexual purity are so much hot air, since he shows no respect for folks who have literally stayed sexually pure.
My reply to Nick: (which is currently sitting in moderation)

You said, “We have allowed, for too long, couples to be joined together in marriage who demonstrate no evidence whatsoever that anything more lust and passion has brought them together.”

It’s funny you should say that, because Russell Moore’s good buddy, Al Mohler, and other like minded, insist that to halt the tide of hetero pre-marital sex, Christians should badger teens to marry by the time they are 18 or 21 (this is called “early marriage”), when they should instead be presenting adult singleness and celibacy as viable life options and possible by anyone.

But Mohler has written several blog posts and articles in the past shaming and insulting adult singles and singleness! He seems to feel it is a commandment of God that all adults must marry and have children, though the bible does not teach this in the New Testament. Mohler feels that adult singles are losers or failures.

If these people would stop painting adult virginity / celibacy as being impossible standards (I’m over 40 and still a virgin, and yes, I have a normal sex drive), that would help to chip away at the high rates of hetero fornication, and they could stop trying to push kids to marry by the time they are 21 years old.
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Christian Russell Moore – Says Xtians R Prideful About Virginity – Actually Makes Pro Sexual Purity Arguments

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