When We Sacrifice a Girl’s Innocence from NatePyle.com Re: Modesty and Purity Teachings

When We Sacrifice a Girl’s Innocence

(Link): When We Sacrifice a Girl’s Innocence from NatePyle.com


    How can a girl keep her innocence when we tell her she is dangerous? How can she feel innocent when her sexuality is directly linked to the danger in the world? The message we send to our girls and women is, “The world is not safe for you because of you.”

    Rather than protecting the innocence of both boys and girls, we sacrifice the innocence of a girl by warning her of the impact she unwittingly makes for the sake of the boy’s innocence. By trying to protect the innocence of boys we destroy the innocence of girls.

    … I’m sick and tired of men acting as if they are unable to control themselves. Men are warned to never meet one-on-one with women as if the allure of a woman will be so overwhelming powerful that a man will be unable to control himself.

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