Mother who drunkenly smothered baby gets 15 months

Mother who drunkenly smothered baby gets 15 months

Christians commonly maintain that marriage and parenthood automatically sanctify a person, or make a person more loving, godly, or responsible, which is just not true.

Sorry for this woman’s loss, but…. it’s another example of how procreation did not automatically bestow responsibility or good judgement to a woman:

(Link): Woman who drunkenly smothered baby gets 15 months

    June 3, 2014 3:37 PM

    HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — While breast-feeding her 2-month-old daughter, Yadina Morales passed out drunk, smothering the girl with her body.

    On Tuesday, she told a judge that she wakes up every day wishing she had died instead.

    “I never, ever meant for any of this to happen,” Morales, 22, of Hagerstown tearfully told the judge before he sentenced her to 15 months in jail for the Nov. 2 death of her daughter Marilyn.

    Morales’ actions, though accidental, were “way, way, way beyond what was reasonable,” Washington County Circuit Judge M. Kenneth Long told her.

    … Marilyn’s father Dwayne Bryant, 38, told police he came home from a night of drinking with friends and found Morales passed out on top of their unresponsive daughter.

    He said he and Morales had started drinking at home after she put her two older girls, ages 2 and 4, to bed. When he left, Morales was on the couch breast-feeding Marilyn. Bryant said the baby was lying between her mother and the sofa’s back cushion.

    When Morales’ blood-alcohol level was tested about 12 hours later, it registered 0.256, more than three times the legal limit for drunken driving.

    The state medical examiner ruled the death an accidental case of “overlay,” when a person lies atop or against an infant.

    Overlay can cause accidental asphyxiation in bed, the leading cause of infant injury death, according to federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The National Institutes of Health says babies should not sleep on couches, chairs or adult beds, either alone or with others.


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