Woman’s Ex Boyfriend Gets Hospital Employees to Release her Sexually Transmitted Diseases Medical History on Facebook

Woman’s Ex Boyfriend Gets Hospital Employees to Release her Sexually Transmitted Diseases Medical History on Facebook

In this blog’s series of “Thank goodness I’m celibate” and/or “Thank goodness I am single” posts, I present the following:

(Link): Woman says medical staff posted her STD diagnosis on Facebook

    June 2014
    By Charlene Sakoda

    An unnamed Cincinnati woman has filed a lawsuit against the University of Cincinnati (UC) Medical Center alleging that their employees posted her private medical records, including her positive diagnosis for a sexually transmitted disease, on Facebook.

    Mike Allen, the woman’s attorney, spoke to WLWT News 5, “She was absolutely devastated.

    That is the most private of private medical information that was posted on Facebook and went out to a group on Facebook that had a huge dissemination.”

    A screenshot of the woman’s medical record with her personal information and syphilis diagnosis, was posted to a Facebook group called “Team No Hoes,” which has over 2,300 members. The court documents indicate that comments followed the post calling the woman a “’hoe’ and a ‘slut.’”

    The lawsuit names UC employee Ryan Rawls, another unnamed UC employee (believed to be a nurse), and the victim’s ex-boyfriend, Raphael Bradley. The station tried to get a comment from the named defendants but there was no answer at either home.

    Allen said that the woman’s ex-boyfriend convinced the UC employees to release the medical records, which was in violation of sate and federal laws. “To have that kind of information in the public domain when it is clearly legally to be protected, that’s a problem and that’s a problem that UC’s responsible for,” the attorney said.

    Diana Lara, spokeswoman for the UC Medical Center, told WLWT that they have not yet received the lawsuit, and they could not comment on pending litigation.

    The lawsuit is asking UC Medical Center to examine their procedures to prevent an incident like this in the future.

(Link): Suit: Hospital employees posted Ohio woman’s STD diagnosis on slut-shaming Facebook page

(Link): Hospital sued for sharing medical records

(Link): Suit: UC Health employee posted file on Facebook

    by Lisa Bernard-Kuhn,
    June 4, 2014

    A Winton Hills woman who was being treated for a sexually transmitted disease at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center is suing the hospital, accusing an employee of posting her medical records to Facebook.

    According to the lawsuit, filed in Hamilton Common Pleas Court this week, a screen shot of the woman’s medical record showing her name and her diagnosis of syphilis was posted to the Facebook group “Team No Hoes” in September 2013.

    An email that included the same screen shot was also sent to members of the closed group.

    Shawntelle Turley is also suing Ryan Rawls, named as an employee of UC Medical Center, an unnamed employee at UC Medical and Raphael Bradley, her ex-boyfriend.

    The lawsuit claims that Rawls, along with the unknown nurse at UC, posted records online at the request of Bradley. The lawsuit also claims the health system and UC Medical Center negligently supervised Rawls and has not done enough to identify the other unknown employee allegedly involved.

    Officials at UC Health, which operates the hospital, said they could not comment on the pending litigation.

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