Site for Parents Who Have Been Dumped By Their Adult Kids

Site for Parents Who Have Been Dumped By Their Kids

Christians like to paint fairy tale pictures of family. If you have never married or never had children, many Christians will ostracize you or treat you like a slacker, weirdo, or failure.

They will also lay on guilt trips and scare tactics, such as say, “But if you never have kids, who will take care of you when you are old?” (see also (Link): this post for an example).

Here is a site where parents can leave posts expressing disappointment in their teen or adult children. They leave testimonies of how their children are ingrates who now ignore them and never visit, call, or help their parents.

(Link): Group For Parents of Estranged Children

Here are some excerpts from that page by parents:

by Beaner59:


    It’s late, I’m alone and despondent, I weep for my son. I miss him dearly and don’t understand why he abandoned me, his dad, his brother, whole family, home. What can he be thinking?

    We had a good life, we supported his music efforts, scouting, friends. We took vacations, we laughed, watched movies.

    Sure, he screwed up — doesn’t everyone? We forgave him, he knows that — your supposed to forgive and forget, beside it wasn’t criminal–just stupid adolesent shenanigans.

    Then he went into the military service, met a girl, married. We supported all of that. Love and family, we’re Irish it’s what you do.

    The phone calls trickled to nothing. No e-mail. No correspondence.

    Nothing, not from him, not from her. We know they are doing well according to her parents.

    But he never calls home. Never.

    Not when his brother graduated high school, swore into the Army, finished basic training, is facing deployment.

    We were all there for him. I don’t understand. I cry when I’m alone.

    I try not to cry in front of my husband (his father of course) because he is sad too.

    Then that makes me sadder. I miss my son like air. I just want to hear his voice. I want to see his face. Time is too short. I’m 50, why would he abandon us like this? How can he just go on day after day after day without wondering about us or calling us.

    I’ve prayed and it’s been answered: Silence. I’ve cried and it’s been answered: Silence.

    I worry, I cry, it hurts so bad I want it to end.

    Sure I’m angry, what if I write a letter, I’M SO ANGRY YOU ARE SO RUDE!

    What have I got to lose? You guessed it: Silence. Why? Anyone? Why does a child do this to his parents? I’m not getting any sleep tonight.

From MKDE:

    It’s amazing to find this site. I truly thought my husband and I were the only ones who were going through this.

    We have not seen our son in a year since his wedding to evil incarnate.

    They have a baby now that we have never seen.

    He will not return texts or emails.

    And the worst part is he has cancer and we know his time on earth is limited, yet she is forcing him to choose.

    He has chosen her, of course and we are devastated. He is our only child and now I know our old age will be spent all alone with no one to share our lives with.

    Sometimes I would just rather not get old at all. It scares me so much. I cry every day.

    I just want my wonderful family back. We used to be so happy before she came into our lives.

    My husband and I keep trying to move on, but I am having a very hard time letting go.

    I just can’t give up the hope that he might change his mind and call us. But we are so hurt we don’t know what we would say. We don’t deserve to be treated this way.


    I have lived your life for 18 years.

    My son was not even around when I had breast cancer 16 years ago or during my recent emergency surgeries. He lives five miles away. I blame his controlling wife for a lot of this.

    I have gotten suicidal a few times, but the doctor has me on three psych meds now. I could go over the proverbial edge at any time. I just take life one step at a time. Slowly…

By take me away from this,

    I am 62.

    My children ages 42, 45, 46 have abanded me.

    I was a stay at home MOM all their life, to care for them because noone could take better care of tem than myself, my husband went to bowling leagues, went fishing, partying, and never spent any tme with them.

    3 yrs ago he decided he wanted a divorce because he decided (after 45) years he was in love with his junior high school girlfriend he hasn’t seen in 45 yrs, We now have been married 49 yrs. He had a bad illness and was paralyzed so I took him back to take care of him. The kids wanted him in a nursing home.

    Well, the kids didn’t see or talk to me for 6 months, as it was my fault???? Now, after 2 years later, he is dying.

    They have undermind every decision I ave made, they found he has brain damage going back at least 15 yrs.

    They drive 6 hours to see him, will NOT inform me of how he is, or offer for me to go, I am loosing my site, and can’t see to drive 3 hrs there and back, Nor do I have a car that will make it.

    They will not contact me in any way, They have decided to “side” with their dad, who is telling them lies about me, and they believe him. I have never said or done anything to them, just loved them, and took care of them, alone.

    Now????…….I quit my job to care for him. No income, no family.. My life has been a complete lie.

Visit their site to read more examples of parents upset or angry that their adult children ignore them or have turned on them..

Yeah, the parent hype (“being a parent is so great and the most important job anyone could ever have”) and Christian propaganda that family is so peachy and gerat, and parenting is “so worth it,” and “your kids will take care of you when you are old” is a lot of bullsh-t, as pointed out by actual parents.
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