Hetero Males Tricked Into Getting Oral Sex From Man They Met Online

Hetero Males Tricked Into Getting Oral Sex From Man They Met Online
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Times you are glad you are celibate.

Hetero men were tricked into letting some guy suck on their dongs through a hole in the wall (known as a “glory hole”).

(Link): Chesterfield police officer accused of recording restroom patrons, posting to porn site

(Link): Chesterfield cop charged in gas station spycam, sex act taping

    A Chesterfield police officer secretly videotaped men in a gas station restroom stall, lured anonymous sex partners to his home through Craigslist ads and posted dozens of voyeuristic and pornographic videos to his own website, authorities say.

    … Charges in St. Charles County stem from Cerna’s now-defunct website, police say. Cerna has admitted to the crimes and told investigators he placed ads on Craigslist posing as women wanting casual sex, and would send photos of a woman he didn’t know to men who responded.

    After sending photos, Cerna provided a cellphone number and sent text messages from that number, giving his home address with instructions on what to do when men came to the front door.

    Cerna said he would record video of men having anonymous oral sex with Cerna through a hole in a door. As many as 60 men visited his home over 18 months, Cerna told police.

    At this time, two of those men, both 24, have been identified, police said.

    Cerna told police that in January, he bought a domain name from a web hosting company and created a site where he would post about 40 videos at a time.

    Reaction to the charges against Cerna ranged from dismay to apathy to disgust.

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