Apparent Inconsistency at SCCL Group – They’re Repulsed by Sexualization of Some Relationships But Not All

Apparent Inconsistency at SCCL Group – They’re Repulsed by Sexualization of Some Relationships But Not All

Sometimes, I enjoy and agree with some of the views as expressed by S. Drury’s SCCL (“Stuff Christian Culture Likes”) Facebook group, but not always.

Folks who frequent the SCCL group generally despise Christian sexual purity teachings.

Me? Nope.

My position is that the church needs to start upholding sexual purity teachings more, rather than the SCCL group’s preferred option of backing off or halting.

Very few churches and Christians today condemn sexual sin, nor do many Christians support virginity or sexual purity, something I have blogged about on a recurring basis (see links at the bottom of this post for more).

One of the things that caught my attention were a couple of posts at the SCCL group this week.

In one, the SCCL group mocked and was grossed out by another Christian proposal of the “Daddy Daughter” date. I agree, Christians can be borderline creepy in their “Daddy Daughter” date stuff.

Here is a link to that discussion at the SCCL group:

(Link): Daddy Daughter Date discussion (Re: “A Husband is About to Go on 1 of the Most Important Dates of His Life, But it’s Not With His Wife”)

    • (Original link to (Link):

A Husband is About to Go on 1 of the Most Important Dates of His Life, But it’s Not With His Wife


You can see that the majority of commentators in that discussion thread were grossed out by the incestous tone of the “Daddy Daughter” date Christian created video.

Most of the commentators in that thread think it’s sad, pathetic, or wrong that Christians sexualize father-daughter relationships. M’kay, I can agree with them on that, at least to a point.

Here is where the SCCL folks got a little hypocritical.

In a story posted to SCCL Facebook group the following day:

(Link): Men Who Love Men (Re: Gospel Coalition blog: I’M SOUTHERN BAPTIST, AND I LOVE A MAN)

    • (Original link to original page: (Link):

I’m Southern Baptist, And I Love A Man


Many of the commentators in that thread were upset by the page.

The Gospel Coalition page, “I’m Baptist and I Love a Man” is by a guy who talks about having a platonic, deep friendship with another man.

The page’s author ends on this note (the very last paragraph which I find a little odd, but meh):

    by Chad Ashby

… Satan has stolen David-and-Jonathan relationships from us, brothers in Christ. What will you do about it? To love another man as your own soul (1 Sam. 18:1) is not homosexual love; it is the love of Christ. It is a true willingness to lay down your life for your brothers (1 John 3:16). We must build these kinds of relationships with one another: men who truly love other men.

Brothers, if we display the love of Christ for one another, we may begin to establish credibility with the gay community. They don’t believe we can love other men. Let’s prove them wrong. Perhaps then, after seeing the true light of the gospel love of Jesus, they will be drawn from the darkness where Satan holds them captive and into the marvelous light of Christ’s self-sacrificial love.

In other words, this author is arguing that not all male-male relationships have to be sexual. And that is very true.

American culture sexualizes just about everything and everyone, supports the fallacy that (hetero) men and women can’t be “just friends,” and I’m pretty damn tired of it.

How can this SCCL group mock or criticize a group for sexualizing dad-daughter relationships but then mock and criticize a Christian author calling for the de-sexualization of male-male relationships (which they did)?

Some of the readership felt it was wrong for the Christian author to show that men can be friends with each other and there be no sexual overtones or motivations to it.

I am not sure I totally understand why the SCCLs group is fine with sexualization in one context but not in another.

There are Christian homosexual celibates (see other links on my site about this) who also tire of culture sexualizing everything and having an “anything goes” view towards sexual activity.

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