Is Marriage a Covenant? A Response to Paul Rhodes Eddy, Part 2 by T. Tully

Is Marriage a Covenant? A Response to Paul Rhodes Eddy, Part 2

Not sure if I agree or don’t agree. I’d have to re-read this, think about it some more, to be sure.

Aspects of it seem very similar to some other article I blogged about several months ago or Tweeted about. (Hat Tip to Julie Anne of Spiritual Sounding Board who tweeted about this earlier today.)

I would encourage you to click the link to visit this other person’s blog and read the whole thing, because it’s quite long, and I don’t want to copy too much of it on my blog:

(Link): Is Marriage a Covenant? A Response to Paul Rhodes Eddy, Part 2


    The following is a series responding to Paul Rhodes Eddy’s two part series on marriage and covenant, where Eddy engages (in part) one of this blog’s most popular posts entitled (Link): “Stutzman, Sex, and Secular Marriage.”

    ….And this is problematic for Eddy, and others, who maintain that marriage is a Biblical “one-flesh covenant” if they mean to say that Biblical marriage is always monogamous. Not only is “Biblical” marriage not necessarily monogamous (Lamech, Esau, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Gideon, Elkanah, King David, King Solomon, and others had multiple wives), but being of “one flesh” isn’t even unique to marriage.

    While it is true that Genesis 2:24 states that one man and one woman shall unite and become one flesh–Paul also states that when a man sleeps with a prostitute, the two have also become one flesh. (I Cor. 6:16)

    Obviously, being of “one-flesh” has nothing to do with a covenant of marriage, but with a sexual act.

    …I’m not an advocate for polygamy of any kind, and neither am I a critic of monogamy. But if we are looking for “Biblical” marriage, we must admit that polygyny is Biblical. We must also admit that the tradition of marriage has evolved over time since we no longer see polygamy as normative.

You will notice in all the fussing and fighting about marriage, how should Christians define marriage, etc, that celibate single adults are left out entirely. Again.
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