Father of Santa Barbara killer: ‘Part of me’ wishes my son was never born (Update)

Father of Santa Barbara killer: ‘Part of me’ wishes my son was never born

But Family Values!11!!! Family is the backbone of society!

Being a parent automatically makes you more godly, loving, and mature! You won’t regret the kid when it’s YOURS. *rolleyes*

All of that according to Christians, pro natalists, and my fellow social conservatives. But it’s not so.

Family is not always a Norman Rockwell painting. Sometimes parents have children then regret having them.

If his son had not made SEX into an idol, his son might be alive today. Sex is a luxury, not a necessity.

What follows is sort of an update to my previous post,
(Link): Bitter, Frustrated 22 Year Old Male Virgin and Member of Men’s Rights / PUA Groups Kills Several Women Because He Couldn’t Get Dates – what an entitled sexist doof

Here’s the update:

(Link) Father of Santa Barbara killer: ‘Part of me’ wishes my son was never born

    Peter Rodger, the father of Santa Barbara gunman Elliot Rodger, told ABC News’ Barbara Walters that he shared some of the same feelings as the father of another mass shooter, Peter Lanza, who said he wished his son Adam had never been born.

    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, June 27, 2014, 8:40 AM

    The Santa Barbara shooter’s father said “part” of him wishes his son had never been born.

    In a second excerpt from their sitdown that aired Friday, ABC News’ Barbara Walters asked Peter Rodger if he felt the same way as the father of another mass shooter, Peter Lanza, who this year said he wished his son, Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza, had never lived.

    “That’s a loaded question, Barbara,” the grieving dad said.
    “Part of me says yes,” he said. “And the reason is because he did an awful lot of harm to young men and women who didn’t deserve to die. And my son did it.”

    Elliot Rodger, 22, killed six people and wounded another 13 in a stabbing and shooting spree near the University of California Santa Barbara campus on May 23.

    Before the bloodshed, the killer detailed his plans for what he called his “day of retribution,” as well as his hatred for women and frustrations over being a virgin, in a repulsive, 137-page manifesto.

    Peter Rodger said reading his son’s twisted words and thinking about the suffering he’d caused made it difficult to mourn.
    “After reading the journal, I had a lot of anger for him,” Rodger told Walters.

    “My job is to replace the anger with love and forgiveness. At the same time, I’m haunted by this disease — this human being that changed and became something else,” he added.

(Link): UCSB Shooter’s Dad: ‘A Part of Me’ Wishes Son Was Never Born

    by Josh Feldman | 1:48 pm, June 29th, 2014

    Peter Rodger, the father of the UC Santa Barbara shooter, spoke out in an emotional interview with Barbara Walters on Friday night. And amid all the questions about what Elliot Rodger was like as a kid, Walters asked a tough question for any parent to answer: “Do you wish your son was never born?”

    Rodger described the horror he experienced on the day of the shooting and said, “Every night I go to sleep. I wake up, and I think of those young men and young women that have died and were injured and were terrorized, and my son did that.”

    He gave Walters some insight into what his son was thinking and going through, and towards the end of the interview, Walters asked that very difficult question about whether he wishes his son would have never been born. Rodgers gave this answer.

    “That’s a loaded question, Barbara. Part of me says yes, and the reason is because he did an awful lot of harm to young men and young women who didn’t deserve to die.”

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