Married Texas Father Kills Several of His Own Family Including His Own Children – so much for marriage and parenthood making people more godly, mature, responsible and loving!

Married Texas Father Kills Several of His Own Family Including His Own Children – so much for marriage and parenthood making people more godly, mature, responsible and loving!
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I sometimes post links to news articles on this blog of parents, preachers, or married people who do immoral or illegal activities. There have been so many of these stories showing up in my Twitter feed the past two weeks, I can hardly keep up.

I will not be blogging on all of them. For about every news story I blog about of a parent who murders her child, or a married man who gets caught stabbing his wife to death or whatever, there are about 2 to 4 I do NOT get around to publishing on my blog – Bear that in mind anytime you visit my blog and see these types of stories.

So. Christians, particularly Southern Baptist, evangelicals, Reformed, and other flavors of Christians, like to spout off how parenthood and marriage make people more ethical, godly, and mature and immune from sexual sin, while, at the same time, they teach the insulting views that anyone who is still single and/or childless past age 30, is selfish or a loser or a closeted homosexual.

Here is yet another example of how parenthood does not make a person more godly, ethical, responsible, or mature – and it proves a person does not have to become perfect to obtain a spouse, or be rewarded with one by God:

(Link): Texas Dad Kills Six, Including Four Of His Children

    Texas dad Ron Lee Haskell shot and killed six people, including four of his own children. One teen daughter, who was shot in the head, remains in critical condition. Haskell was engaged in a lengthy standoff with Houston area police officers before ultimately surrendering.

    The wounded 15-year-old daughter was able to tell a police dispatcher that her father was the shooter and alerted them to the street where other relatives lived. The critically injured young women told the Houston suburb law enforcement officers that her dad was going to shoot her grandparents during the 911 call.

    The Texas dad shot and killed six people in the northern Houston suburb of Spring shortly before 6 pm on Wednesday, according to the police report.

    Deputies cornered the 34-year-old Texas father in a cul-de-sac about three miles from the site of the shooting. After approximately three hours, Haskell exited his vehicle, dropped to his knees, and was handcuffed without further incident. During the hours spent talking Haskell out of his car, officers stated that the mass shooting suspect was as “cool as a cucumber.”

    “He was just sitting in his car looking out at us. This concluded the way we wanted it to,” Deputy Gilliland said. The law enforcement officers had Haskell’s car boxed in with two police vehicles during the standoff.

    Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliland stated that the other victims of the mass shooting were the Texas father’s sons, ages 4 and 14, and two daughters, ages 7 and 9. Also killed were a 39-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman. The names of the victims have not been released.

    Ron Haskell and his wife were estranged, and she was reportedly out of state at the time of the shooting.

    … “It appears this stems from a domestic issue with a breakup in the family from what our witness has told us,” Assistant Chief Deputy Constable Mark Herman said. Spring, Texas, police officers found two adults and three children dead at the scene, another child died later at a local hospital.

(Link): Texas Shooter Kicked in Door, Tied Up Kids, Executed Them

    HOUSTON — Jul 10, 2014, 11:57 AM ET

    A Texas man accused of killing six people, including four children, was turned away by a teenager when he first went to the victims’ home, but he returned a short time later, kicked in the door, tied up the family and then shot them in the head execution style, according to court testimony today.

    Ron Haskell, 33, was charged with capital murder following his arrest after a long standoff with police in Spring, Texas.

    The carnage ended when a wounded 15-year-old girl called 911 and alerted police to the shooting and said that the gunman was on his way to shoot her grandparents, police said. Cops intercepted Haskell, who was related to the victims, and took him into custody following a tense standoff.

    According to a statement read in court this morning, the teenage girl told police that the shooter was her ex-uncle, and she survived by playing dead after he shot her in the back of the head.

    … Haskell tied up the teenager and other children and waited in the home until the rest of the family arrived back at the residence, the prosecutor said. When they returned, Haskell allegedly tied up two adults, identified as Katie and Stephen Stay, and four other children, all under the age of 13. He forced them all to lay facing the ground, the court was told.

    While the family lay bound, Haskell asked the family members where his wife was, prosecutors said. When they said that they did not know where his wife was, Haskell allegedly shot every member of the family in the back of the head, execution style.

    Court records in two states show that Haskell had previously faced domestic assault charges and had a protective order put against him by his wife before they divorced on Valentine’s Day this year.

    While living in Utah, Haskell was charged with simple assault and child abuse or neglect in 2008. He was served with a protective order in early July 2013 before his wife Melanie Kaye Haskell filed for divorce on Feb. 14, 2014.

(Link): Man dressed in FedEx uniform massacres estranged wife’s Texas family, report says
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