Men Become ‘Invisible’ And Lose Sex Appeal At 39 – Article from Daily Caller

Men Become ‘Invisible’ And Lose Sex Appeal At 39 – Article From Daily Caller

(Link): Men Become ‘Invisible’ And Lose Sex Appeal At 39

    At 39, men lose their sex appeal and become “invisible” to women, a new study conducted by Crown Clinic Manchester revealed.

With 1,000 people polled, 52 percent of participants and 62 percent of women said that men lose their sex appeal when they’re about to turn 40, according to the Daily Mail. The biggest sign of being “invisible” was not being eyed up or approached by women during a night on the town, according to 53 percent of participants.

At 40, men are looked at more as father figures than sex symbols, according to Express. Other factors for loss of sex appeal at 39 include thinning and graying hair, a double chin and bad teeth.

“Turning 40 is key turning point and it is the most popular age for men to seek a hair transplant,” said surgeon Asim Shahmalak from the Crown Clinic Manchester. “You only have to look at Robbie Williams to see how true that is. He turned 40 in February and admitted having a transplant to fill out his temples, where he had started to lose his hair. He clearly didn’t want to become ‘The Invisible Man.’”

But some men approaching the big 4-0 are still going strong. Bradley Cooper, David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio all turn 39 this year, and I’ll bet thousands of women have no qualms about their age.

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