Liberals, Border Issues, and Hypocrisy About Children

Liberals, Border Issues, and Hypocrisy

I don’t normally tackle purely political topics on this blog, but I wanted to say something about this:

From left wing, secular feminist site Jezebel:
(Link): Colbert Perfectly Calls Out Conservatives’ Hypocrisy on Child Refugees

    by Madeleine Davies

    Conservative pundits are very concerned about the well-being of child refugees who are fleeing to the U.S. borders from Central America in droves right now.

    Why, they say, will no one think of the children during these times of crisis? At least the heroes of the right are considering these poor kids…mostly by clamoring for their deportation and complaining about the cost of their barely humane treatment while on U.S. soil.

Hmm, okay, but…

Most left wingers are rabidly pro-abortion. I will return to this in a moment.

So. Left wingers think the American tax payer should take in, pick up the tab for, and care for, all foreign children who cross the American border illegally, and they have the audacity to represent the natural, perfectly understandable tendency of most Americans, including conservatives, to disagree with this as being hypocrisy.

However they themselves, who believe the government (U.S. tax payer) should buy sandwiches for these kids, are fine with with unborn, American children being slaughtered in the womb via legalized abortion. (Some of them are fine with this even up to the third tri-mester.)

Liberals hate American, unborn babies who are still in the womb and don’t want to protect them, but think Uncle Sam should shower love, money, and protection on the children of other nations who arrive in our nation illegally?
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