Women Judging Male Physical Appearance – Body Fat Percentages

Women Judging Male Physical Appearance – Body Fat Percentages

I’ve posted about this before, so I don’t want to go into detail here (you can see links at the bottom of this post for more posts about it), but women are in fact visual.

Women judge male physical appearance.

Too often, though, secular culture, and Christian culture, maintain the false hood that women are not visually stimulated, and only care about a guy’s bank account or the kind of car he drives. False!

Further, the flip side of the stereotype is that women only care about emotional closeness, romance, rainbows, and knitting mittens. Also false.

I was at a site where a guy – yes, a man – uploaded the photo you see below. He asked women to weigh in on their preferences.

Out of around 35 women who responded, only one chose the 10-12% guy, and every one else chose one, or all, of the 15% – 25% range.

None of the women chose the freaky muscular guys at 3% or 6%, or the 30, 35, 40% tubbos (chubby guys).

That’s about what I figured the results would be before I glanced over the results.

This is just another small, anecdotal piece of proof that women ARE visually stimulated, do make judgments about male appearance, and do have preferences.

Women are not blind and are not indifferent to what men look like. Women don’t generally go for chubby or obese guys, or guys with too much muscular development.

Why don’t I ever hear male Christians, especially the pastors, exhorting the men in their sermons, pod casts, blogs and books on dating, sexuality, etc, to get their lardo asses down the gym and start doing bench presses, squats, curls, and some cardio, hmm?

It’s obvious that women do give a damn about LOOKS, not just “inner qualities” or money, and preachers should mention this, if they are going to keep harping on women to stay “nice looking” to keep their husbands or please their man. It’s such a freaking, sexist double standard.

Photo below: Body Fat Percentages: Men
Out of approximately 35 women in an informal survey, who were shown this photo and asked to pick the most attractive male body type, most of them picked the middle row.
Nobody picked the first two overly built guys, and nobody picked the overweight guys on the bottom row.

Body Fat Percentages
Body Fat Percentages

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