#MarriedWomen Hashtag Is Full Of (Terrible) Marriage Advice

#MarriedWomen Hashtag Is Full Of (Terrible) Marriage Advice

(Link): #MarriedWomen and Male Entitlement

(Link): #MarriedWomen Hashtag Is Full Of (Terrible) Marriage Advice

    If you’re looking for some relationship advice you should probably steer clear of the #MarriedWomen hashtag.

    Twitter has been mocking Tony Rapu, who calls himself a “Husband, Father, Pastor, Medical Doctor, Mentor, and Reformer” on his Twitter page, for using the #MarriedWomen hashtag to dole out bits of wisdom to women.

    If you want to be treated as a queen then treat your husband like a king. #MarriedWomen

    — Tony Rapu (@drtonyrapu) July 20, 2014

    Consult your husband on all major decisions. #MarriedWomen — Tony Rapu (@drtonyrapu) July 20, 2014

    Submitting to your husband is trusting God. He made the rules. #MarriedWomen

    .. Tony Rapu definitely has a few fans (he has close to 10,000 followers) but the majority of people on Twitter didn’t appreciate Rapu’s advice for #MarriedWomen.

    #marriedwomen! Read @drtonyrapu‘s tweets for excellent advice on how to treat your husband like a moron, toddler and pet.

    — Becs (@sapient_ape) July 20, 2014

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