Why is the Childfree Singleton a Curiosity? by V. Blackburn

Why is the Childfree Singleton a Curiosity? by V. Blackburn

(Link): Why is the childfree singleton a curiosity? by V. Blackburn


    • Asked (I very much suspect not for the first time) why she never married or had children she replied that she never found anyone to wind her biological clock. Amen to that. I too never married and remained childfree and can testify that you do not know what it is to be patronised until you are a single lady of a certain age.

I have had strangers, and I am not exaggerating here, who within five minutes of meeting me have demanded to know why I never married. Just what, pray tell, does it have to do with them? On another occasion some bloke I barely knew said and I quote directly: “But you’re lovely. I can’t believe you never married,” as if my single status didn’t actually have anything to do with my own choices.

As it happens there were a couple of near misses but they would have been complete disasters if we’d made it to the altar. Not everyone gets married. Simple as that.

… Society has always been deeply suspicious of single women – 500 years ago the unlucky ones got burnt as witches – because we seem to be defying what the world thinks is our biological destiny, namely having a husband and child.

People feel apprehensive about women who don’t conform to that. “Don’t you like children?” is another one I’ve heard more than once. Of course I do. I have two lovely nephews and three delightful godsons, to whom I am devoted but that doesn’t mean I want a child of my own.

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