Cruel son stole dying mother’s £4k diamond ring and even helped her ‘search’ for it

Cruel son stole dying Mother’s £4k diamond ring and even helped her ‘search’ for it

Christians like to teach that “family is the backbone” of any society (though the Bible does not teach this; further, Christ taught that one’s spiritual brothers and sisters are to take priority to one’s flesh and blood family), and parents, whether Christian or Non Christian, like to shame single adults who don’t marry and have children.

Adults who are parents like to tell us childless and childfree adults that we are selfish or weird for not having children, and that we don’t know what we’re missing, that we cannot truly know what love is unless we have a child of of own, and that parenting is “all worth it.” (There are many other cliches parents dole out to their childless friends, co workers and family, those are just a few).

What a load of sentimental, untrue garbage.

When I see stories like this one below (which I feel disproves the parent claims in the paragraph above about how wonderful it is to have children), I feel relieved that I never had children.

(Link): Cruel son stole dying mum’s £4k diamond ring and even helped her ‘search’ for it

    Jul 29, 2014 17:20 By Jonathan Symcox

    Widow Betty Powell, 79, spent the last six months of her life turning her house upside down looking for the gift from her late husband John

    A cruel son stole his dying mother’s treasured ring – and she spent her final days trying to find it.

    Widow Betty Powell, 79, spent the last six months of her life turning her house upside down searching for the £4,000 diamond ring.

    Her son Jason Stephens, 45, even helped her hunt for the priceless heirloom – a gift from her late husband John.

    But a court heard he knew where it was all along – he had stolen it and pawned it to get his hands on cash.

    His brother Derek told the court: “Our mother looked for the ring every day – it was irreplaceable, the last thing our father bought for her.

    “Jason saw her most days, he was aware of the anguish”.

    The eight carat gold ring with five diamonds was bought by Mr Powell on a cruise holiday two years before he died.

    After his death in 2007 the ring “became of great sentimental value” to his wife who wanted their granddaughter to inherit it.

    But Mrs Powell was left heartbroken when the ring disappeared from her home in Abergevanny, South Wales.

    Cardiff Crown Court heard Mrs Powell’s final wish was to go on another cruise to buy a replacement ring.

    But shortly after her death the family received a letter from the pawn shop asking when the ring was going to be collected.

    Carpenter Stephens, of Abergavenny, South Wales, admitted theft and fraud. He was also ordered to do 240 hours community service.

    Judge Daniel Williams told Stephens: “This was a staggering betrayal of your mother’s memory”.

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