Adult Singleness and Virginity Ridiculed by Preacher Mark Driscoll from 2000 – and anti Homosexual and Sexist Rhetoric ( Re Driscoll Rant known as Pussified Nation )

Adult Singleness and Virginity Ridiculed by Preacher Mark Driscoll from 2000 – and anti Homosexual and Sexist Rhetoric

More anti-singlness and anti-virginity commentary from perverted, sexist douche bag and pastor Mark Driscoll has come to light. I have blogged about this creep before (see links at the conclusion of this post for more).

I am not a fan of tip toeing around people’s feelings and the extreme political correctness in today’s culture, (as I wrote of in a (Link): previous blog post here), but, I am not a supporter of this other extreme, the one Driscoll presents in the post I excerpt below.

It’s one thing to speak your mind – in a firm but respectful way, even if the majority of popular culture does not like your beliefs – but Driscoll seems to go out of his way to be unnecessarily rude, condescending, and hateful, or as obnoxious as he can be.

In the year 2000, Neo-Calvinist preacher Mark Driscoll, writing under the name “William Wallace II,” I think, wrote a bunch of inflammatory commentary on his church’s forum “Midrash.” In a book he wrote, Driscoll admitted to posting as “William Wallace II” on that forum (some sites linked to below have screen captures taken from online versions of the book that you can view).

In a series of very long posts, Driscoll ranted against women, feminists, homosexuals, men who are not manly-man enough in his view, and all this has drawn the ire and attention of many netizens after this was blogged about recently.

However, the portion of Driscoll’s post that caught my eye seems to subtly mock or ridicule adult singleness, singles ministries, and adult virginity.

Before I get to that, I wanted to mention this:

According to one source ((Link): source) in a Tweet:

    Driscoll through Wallace says women need a man to help them select a husband (p. 78). Eastern culture > Biblical example incl Ruth, then.

As I replied on Twtter in regards to that view by Driscoll:

    I’m a never married lady over 40, would still like to marry some day – Driscoll can eat my shorts

Yes, Driscoll can take his outdated, sexist views about single women and cram them up his butt.

There was also this (Willam Wallace parody account is quoting Driscoll (Link): Source):


Returning once more to the long rant by Driscoll:

(Link): Mark Driscoll’s Pussified Nation… – Matthew Paul Turner’s blog –
If Turner’s blog becomes unavailable for viewing (which it did earlier today apparently due to a stampede of traffic), you can read the Driscoll penned posts here:
(Link): Posts by Driscoll

Here are excerpts of what Driscoll wrote in 2000, under the name “William Wallace II” – with comments by me below this long excerpt (and additional links by other people about this Driscoll rant):

    • We live in a completely pussified nation.

We could get every man, real man as opposed to pussified James Dobson knock-off crying Promise Keeping homoerotic worship loving mama’s boy sensitive emasculated neutered exact male replica evangellyfish, and have a conference in a phone booth.

It all began with Adam, the first of the pussified nation, who kept his mouth shut and watched everything fall headlong down the slippery slide of hell/feminism when he shut his the slippery slide of hell/feminism when he shut his mouth and listened to his wife who thought Satan was a good theologian when he should have lead her and exercised his delegated authority as king of the planet.

As a result, he was cursed for listening to his wife and every man since has been his pussified sit quietly by and watch a nation of men be raised by bitter penis envying burned feministed single mothers who make sure that Johnny grows up to be a very nice woman who sits down to pee.

So, Johnny hits youth group one day to hear from his pussified youth pastor that he should perfect his virginity and dating skills.

So Johnny tries to be a loving and patient man who looks for a nice woman like mom who will whip him into shape and beat him into submission so that he can one day join a men’s accountability group and learn how to keep his urges under control, which just causes him to earn a B.A. in masturbation, M.A. in porno, and PhD in knuckleheadology as Johnny is now so terrified of women and his own penis that he sits in his room alone each night on the internet hoping to get some (with the occasional “falling into sin” with a woman as they inevitably cross “boundaries” of intimacy) because he’s so afraid of women and has no idea how to take one, or love one, or serve one or take one to bed and make the Song of Songs sing again.

One day Johnny finally gives in to the pressure of his pre-humpers singles ministry and gets stuck with some gal left on the shelf long after her expiration date that is just like dear old mom who wants him to shut up like Adam, take his beating, and join a church men’s group that is really a woman’s group in disguise complete with cookies and crying and antidepressants to cope with the insanity.

Poor Johnny is by now so completely whacked that he’s afraid of having kids and hold off his taking on any more responsibility as long as he can because Johnny is a boy trapped in a man’s body walking around in a world of other boys all trying to keep their pee pee behind their zipper and do just like their momma told them and be good women.

And so the culture and families and churches sprint to hell because the men aren’t doing their job and the feminists continue their rant that it’s all our fault and we should just let them be pastors and heads of homes and run the show.

And the more we do, the more hell looks like a good place because at least a man is in charge, has a bit of order and let’s men spit and scratch as needed.

And all their whining and fighting is nothing more than further evidence that we are still kings and unless we do our job everyone and everything is getting screwed except Johnny (metaphorically speaking of course).

I know many of the women will disagree, and they like Eve should not speak on this matter. And, many men will also disagree, which is further proof of the pussified epidemic having now become air born and universal.

Pussified men are inarguably legion.

Nothing short of an exorcism is needed.
—- end Driscoll quotes —-

In another post under that one, Driscoll goes on to insult homosexuals as well, which inflamed and offended a lot of people.

What draws my attention is this first part of his rant, where he implies that a man is not truly a grown up unless and until he marries and has children. No where does the Bible teach that a person has to marry and pro-create to be a full-fledged adult. Jesus Christ himself was single and childless, as was the Apostle Paul.

Paul wrote in the New Testament that it is actually preferable for a person to remain single (and hence childless) because it gives them more flexibility to serve the kingdom of God.

You will also notice in the rant that Driscoll seems to assume that no adult single is capable of exercising sexual self-control and will cave in and commit fornication, which again, is not a biblical view.

The biblical view is that people can indeed control their sexual passions – even married people are expected to do so, as they are called to remain sexually faithful to their spouse.

The Bible says nothing either way about masturbation (the Onan section from the Old Testament was not about masturbation but about Onan refusing to fulfill his familial duty under ancient Middle Eastern culture to father a child by his dead brother’s wife), so Driscoll is off-base to criticize an un-married adult who indulges in that habit.

Note, too, Driscoll’s disdain for singles ministry, where he refers to it as “pre-humpers singles ministry” which is highly disrespectful to singles. Should we all refer to church married couples ministry as “Adulterers and Mistress Humpers Club,” or something of that nature?

Driscoll also made jeering remarks about people needing anti-depressant medications in this rant. He clearly has no understanding of mental health issues and no sympathy for people who have them and who must rely on medication.

Note further Driscoll’s highly insulting, offensive rhetoric against older single women here:

One day Johnny finally gives in to the pressure of his pre-humpers singles ministry

and gets stuck with some gal left on the shelf long after her expiration date

that is just like dear old mom who wants him to shut up like Adam, take his beating, and join a church men’s group that is really a woman’s group in disguise complete with cookies and crying and antidepressants to cope with the insanity.
—- end excerpts —

Women do not have “expiration dates,” you sexist piece of filth.

I feel so sorry for Driscoll’s wife Grace, but most of all, for his daughters. I believe he has two daughters. And God help any woman who dates or marries Driscoll’s sons, assuming the sons have internalized this hatred and contempt for women that Driscoll has.


As I’ve blogged out before (see links below, under “Related posts this blog”), Driscoll has a lot of very un-biblical, ignorant views about adult singleness and celibacy. I will once more discuss a few of them here.

The Bible does not teach anywhere that being single past one’s 20s means that one will be forced, by God, to go live as an evangelist in some deep, dark corner of the world and die as a martyr for the faith.

Some of the first apostles, I have read, were, in fact, married – they said they left home and family to be with Christ – I’ve read that Peter the apostle was likely married, and he is said to have been martyred by being crucified upside down. So, you see, being married is not a guarantee that God is going to spare a person’s life from death or other tragedy.

Contrary to what Driscoll wrote, most of what I’ve read about Paul the Apostle suggests he was not married.

Driscoll also operates under the faulty idea that getting married keeps a person from sexual sin, which it does not.

Every day on sites such as “The Christian Post,” there are stories after stories of married Christian men who work as preachers who are caught fondling children, viewing pornography regularly, having affairs on their wives, and using prostitutes (see this thread for examples of such situations).

No where does the Bible teach that getting married keeps a person sexually pure.

The Bible only suggests that getting married is a way to get one’s sexual needs met in a godly fashion, if one is on fire sexually.

And that is all the Scriptures say on the topic, it does not say that marriage will keep a man from taking a mistress, raping little girls, or looking at X-rated web sites.

Here are some of Driscoll’s ignorant comments under the William Wallace name (source, page 111 of Google Docs) regarding singleness (I have dissected and critiqued these views below the excerpt):

    • But, Paul concedes that because of the hot running sex drive of many that marriage is the only thing that will keep the from sin. In these sections he seems to be addressing people who have already been very sexually active, have now come to Christ and don’t think they’ll be able to control

Paul then speaks to virgins in verse 25 and suggests that these people who are single and have demonstrated sexual self-control would be benefitted from considering remaining unmarried because of the great persecution in that day.

Paul then goes on to say that to be married under the crisis of that day would cause one to face even greater hardship in being devoted to Christ.

I would strongly suggest, then, that only under such rare circumstances should someone remain unmarried. It makes sense to try and remain single if you live in a place like Sudan or Turkey where being a courageous evangelist would most definitely bring you to be murdered for your faith.

If you had a wife and children in some countries today they would be raped and you would be killed.

Therefore, if you claim to be called to singleness then you are also called to frontline life and death ministry.

This is the model of Paul’s life. He was likely married, and it seems either his wife had died or left him upon his conversion and he remained single because of his ministry. Paul was beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, nearly starved to death and left for dead on numerous occasions.

Under such circumstances it was good he did not have a wife and kids.

Therefore, if you claim to be single we should see you living the most committed life to Christ of any child of God and expect you to be murdered. In the meantime your time and money should go directly to the cause of the gospel.

If you tithe poorly, serve minimally, play lots of video games, consume hours of television and masturbate a lot like the average 20-something Christian male I would suggest you are not called to singleness, but you are calling yourself to selfishness.

I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing guys tell me they are called to be single and then piss their life away doing nothing of significance and then claiming that they are like Jesus and Paul.

Jesus, like Paul, died and knew he would so having a family would have been irresponsible.

Also, it would have been a really tough gig for Jesus to find a woman to be equally yoked since he was God.

[From page 112]
Lastly, the Scripture is clear that part of our ministry is to be fruitful and multiply. That not only are we to be selfish and consider our ministry, but to raise up generations of servants of the gospel to ensure that the work outlives us. Therefore, to view children as a burden to

the work of the gospel is erroneous. Aren’t you glad the apostle Paul, Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon and the like had dads not devoted to celibacy?
—- end Driscoll excerpts —

His comments above seem aimed primarily at men, but as a single woman, I find them offensive.

This comment:

    • Therefore, if you claim to be called to singleness then you are also called to frontline life and death ministry.
    — end quote—-

And that is entirely conjecture on Dricoll’s part. These are assumptions that he is making, not Scriptural commands or teachings.

The Bible does not have a teaching or commandment that suggests that remaining single into adulthood is selfish, or that God expects an un-married, childless adult to intentionally place herself in dangerous situations in foreign nations to share the Gospel.

That Paul was single and faced prison and death does not mean all American single adults in the year 2014 are expected by God to follow.

Joseph in the book of Genesis started out as an un-married man, was kidnapped, sold into slavery, and imprisoned, but was later made second- in- command over all Egypt, and then married afterwards (or around the same time as the promotion).

One prophet in the Old Testament was told by God to marry a prostitute, and after he married her, he still faced hardship as a married man.

Several years ago, there was a Christian-produced movie based on a true story about a married- with- children missionary, a movie called “End of the Spear” (read more about it (Link): here), who flew a plane to take the Gospel to a remote jungle area in South America who was murdered by the natives there. Again, this was a married man who had children. And he was killed spreading the Gospel in a foreign land.

So, what is Mark Driscoll’s excuse for not flying down to a remote, hostile area, and putting his life on the line to share the Gospel, that he’s married with kids?

Where does the Bible say that married men who have children are excused from sharing the Gospel or from putting their life on the line for the Gospel? It’s not in any copy of the Bible I’ve read.

One’s marital status, therefore, seems to have little bearing on how much suffering and persecution one can be expected to face in this life time.

Nowhere does the Bible say that being single requires one to devote more time to Jesus, or that married people are not expected by God to devote as much time, energy, or affection to God and the causes of God.

Driscoll, like a lot of Christians, puts the cart before the horse in this matter.

The Bible seems to suggest that being single would provide one more opportunity to serve, because one’s schedule may be more flexible than that of a married parent – not that being single requires it, or that God has left a man single precisely in order to force him to serve more, or to risk his life in a nation that is hostile to Christians.

By arguing in this manner, Driscoll is excusing laziness on the part of married people, or providing a rationalization thereof.

That is, a lot of Christians today who are married (and with children) will (and I’ve blogged on this before, please see this link) use their family as an excuse to wiggle out of church events and responsibilities by telling their pastor,

    • “Oh, I’m so sorry, but I cannot make it to that church function, nor can I bring chicken soup to sick, invalid elderly Sister Mary Sue at her home, because I have to do “X” with the wife and kids.”
    —- end —-

It sounds so godly that this married person is putting his flesh and blood family first, but it’s not godly, because he’d rather take the wife and kids out to a night at the pizza parlor than do the slightly more unpleasant, difficult task of taking soup to a bed-ridden older woman at her home.

On page 112 of the Google Docs (link), Driscoll uses the Genesis section about “it not being good for a man to be alone,” and God bringing Eve to Adam, to argue that God demands or expects that most people marry.

I used to interpret that biblical passage that way too, until I realized later in life that is not what it’s saying, that it is not suggesting marriage is the cure or hope or suggestion for loneliness and fellowship.

Even should you marry when you are 23 years old, your spouse may have a heart attack at age 43 and drop dead. Your spouse may die of cancer or from being hit by a car when she is 34 or 54 years old.

Your spouse may fall out of love with you, yet stay in the marriage, because she views that preferable to divorce, or who knows why she chooses to stay. Your spouse may get early onset dementia and mentally be like a three year old child when he is 47 years old, which effectively will leave you all alone.

Being married does not mean you will never experience alone-ness.

Companionship does not have to be found in marriage only.

The Bible teaches that companionship can be found in the wider body of believers, the church, which is what Christ taught in passages such as (Link): Matthew 12:46-50.

The Bible does not teach that celibacy or singleness are rare or should be rare, nor does the Bible teach that marriage or having children is to be the norm for all Christians. These are Driscoll’s conservative views and opinions read back into Scripture, not Scripture itself.

The “be fruitful and multiply” remark from the book of Gensis is not binding on Christians under the new covenant. Today’s church is enlarged by making converts of strangers, from sharing the Gospel with them, not by having biological children.

Also, a Christian couple having children does not mean those children will choose to accept Jesus Christ. Children of Christian parents may decide to reject Christ and become atheists, or become Druids, Muslims, or who knows what.

Driscoll’s theology of adult singleness and celibacy – and marriage – is very unbiblical and ignorant.

I’m a woman, yet I have a better, more biblical grasp on some of these subjects than Driscoll does. I’m not saying I am perfect or an expert, but that I am several steps above Driscoll in biblical understanding of some of these issues.

However, your “gender complementarian” Christians, who think it’s not right for a woman to teach, preach, or lead (which is often based on flawed understandings of three or four cherry-picked verses, in addition to secular-culture influenced sexism), would sooner back a male false teacher and wolf in sheep’s clothing, such as Driscoll, rather than a woman who is more spot-on in her biblical interpretations, such as myself.

Many Christians really are willing to continually overlook error, and love error more than truth, especially if it comes from a person who was born with a penis.

Yes, your lack of qualifications to teach, preach, and lead, is never- the- less fully backed and given a stamp of approval, or else pardoned for decades … if you have facial hair, Adam’s apple, and were born with a penis.

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