Married Couple Pays Surrogate to Have Baby, They Keep The Healthy Daughter But Refuse the Down Syndrome One – Also: Cops: the Dad is a Convicted Pedo

Married Couple Pays Surrogate to Have Baby, They Keep The Healthy Daughter But Refuse the Down Syndrome One – Also: Cops: the Dad is a Convicted Pedo

And many conservative Christians routinely say or assume that marriage makes a person godly, mature, more loving, and immune from sexual sin, and that you have to be perfect and godly to even merit a spouse to start with (God doesn’t send imperfect people spouses, they say).

Hmm. Then how would Christians explain this selfish married couple who
1. won’t accept the Down’s Syndrome twin from the surrogate
2. the father is a convicted kid-diddler (pedophile)?

How is it that God rewards child molesters with spouses, but not law abiding, non-perverted singles?

(Link): Australian father accused of abandoning baby boy born to Thai surrogate mother because he had Down Syndrome ‘was jailed for sexual assault on a child under 13’

(Link): Australia investigates ‘paedophile’ father in Thai baby scandal

    Aug 6, 2014

    Australian authorities were Wednesday investigating the father at the centre of a Thai surrogate baby scandal who was exposed as a convicted paedophile, to determine whether his young daughter is at risk.

    The man, from Bunbury south of Perth, sparked global controversy for apparently abandoning his Down’s syndrome baby boy, Gammy, in Thailand and taking only his healthy twin sister back home, although he and his wife dispute the circumstances.

    In another twist to a story that has generated fierce debate on the moral and legal basis of international surrogacy, reports emerged Tuesday that the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has convictions for child sex offences.

    Australian media widely reported that the 56-year-old electrician was convicted for sexually molesting three girls.

    State broadcaster ABC said he was jailed for three years for molesting two girls under the age of 10 when he was in his twenties. He was also accused in 1997 of another six charges of indecently dealing with a child and reportedly imprisoned for 18 months.

(Link): Gammy Case Shows How Consumer Parents Have Turned Babies Into Commodities

(Link): Thai surrogate mother of abandoned Down’s Syndrome baby Gammy told by Australian parents they were ‘too old’ to care for twins

(Link): Gammy case highlights risks of for-profit surrogacy market

(Link): Dad of abandoned Gammy ‘had child sex conviction’

(Link): Gammy’s father acted ‘without remorse’ in assaulting four girls, one aged only five

    The court heard the victims, two young girls aged seven and 10, would visit him at his Bunbury home, where he would meet with them secretly in the garden shed and touch them. On three occasions, he encouraged the girls to commit an indecent act upon him.

    The victim impact statements obtained from the two girls, who were adults at the time of the hearing, said they suffered emotional problems, depression and sexual problems.

    “None of that is surprising because you, by your conduct, robbed these girls of their childhood,” Judge O’Sullivan said in sentencing.

    Farnell was sentenced to three years’ jail.

(Link): Case of baby with Down syndrome left behind shows ‘dark side’ of international surrogacy

(Link): Australian couple who ‘abandoned’ Down’s Syndrome baby claim they never knew he existed

(Link): Down syndrome baby’s surrogate mom: Australian parents knew about him

    Seven-month-old Gammy’s Australian biological parents, who left him behind but took home his twin sister, have claimed they didn’t know he existed. However, the baby’s 21-year-old Thai surrogate mother and caretaker Pattaramon Chanbua claims the pair saw the little boy at the hospital.
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