Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook Group Yukking It Up By Mocking Todd Burpo’s Book

Mocking Todd Burpo’s Book

Sometimes I agree with the posters at SCCL Facebook group, sometimes not. This evening, the lady who runs the group published a graphic someone made, changing Burpo’s book cover to ridicule the kid and/or the concept of faith or Heaven. So far, all the responders below the doctored image are yukking it up, declaring it’s the hee haw damn funniest thing they’ve seen all week.

Me? 1. Who knows, maybe the kid did die, go to Heaven, and is telling the truth about it all
2. I think making that graphic and laughing at it is a shitty thing to do.

You can view the image I’m talking about here, (Link): (Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook Group) Doctored Todd Burpo Book “Heaven Is For Real”

Even me, in my half Christian, half agnostic stage of faith right now thinks that is a mean-spirited thing to do. Not funny, not even remotely. At least one or two juveniles in the thread were also making fun of the kid’s last name, “Burpo.” Real mature.

SCCL is usually a group where I can agree on some of their views or enjoy some of their pot shots at evangelicalism, but they occasionally pull nonsense like this that is disappointing.

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2 thoughts on “Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook Group Yukking It Up By Mocking Todd Burpo’s Book”

  1. “2. I think making that graphic and laughing at it is a shitty thing to do.”

    I just want to point out that SCCL did not *make* that pic. It’s been going around for awhile.

    1. I never said that Drury or someone at SCCL created the graphic – I’m sorry if you misread my wording to take it that way.

      I think it was low to not only make the image (whomever made it), but to share it with hopes that others would mock it and/or mock the kid and/or NDEs and/or Heaven, which is exactly what happened.

      I normally do not publish dissenting opinions on my blog (as you can see if you check the main heading area on the home page), but you were pretty polite, so I okay’ed this one.

      A small number of other SCCL folks dropped by, they submitted some posts, but some of them attributed views to me I do not hold, and one guy was a little rude, so I did not approve their comments to appear.

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