Blogger Guy Who Accused Me Of Being Untrustworthy Apparently Finds My Blog Trustworthy Enough to Use As A Resource

Blogger Guy Who Accused Me Of Being Untrustworthy Finds My Blog Trustworthy Enough to Use as Resource

If you’d like more background on this post, please see: (Link):  Why I Post Anonymously ( Part 2 – the John Hugh Morgan Fiasco )

This guy hounded me for over a year, here on the blog, on Twitter, and in e-mail, to give him my real name and information. I politely said “No” about a million times over a several month period.

He then accused me at one point of not being trustworthy all because I don’t write under my real name.

And yet, I notice he sometimes covers the same, or similar, stories on his blog within days after I blog about it first. When I first blogged about the secular feminist rhetoric about “slut shaming” and how this “slut shaming” view creeps into Christian circles, he mentioned it in his next blog post on his blog.

When I did a post about the types of sexually transmitted diseases and medicines used to treat them (in a post about the CDC and slut shaming), he made a similar post the next time he blogged (i.e., he repeated some of the medical information and diseases possible via sexual activity that I had in that post).

After I did a critique of Salon’s Marcotte’s post about virginity on August 17th (see this post) where I quoted her mentioning this,

    “Earlier this month, the writer Samantha Pugsley, writing for XO Jane, described the serious damage done to her life and her marriage by her “choice” [to stay a virgin until her wedding night]…

Sure enough, his next post (dated August 18, 2014, a day after mine) was a critique of the Pugsley page at XO Jane, with his page entitled about the XO Jane editorial,

(Link): Virgins Destroying The World.

I find it pretty hypocritical that someone who criticizes me for using a pen name on a blog never- the- less feels comfortable using my blog as a resource to write his own. I sometimes, though not always, give hat tips to blogs I get ideas from.

That is common blogging etiquette. I seriously doubt this guy writing about these topics in days after I do is mere coincidence… if he is reading this blog and using it to get ideas for his own, the polite thing to do is to mention this blog as a source.


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