Pat Robertson Says 44 Year old Never Married Woman Who Wants Marriage is “Desperate”

Pat Robertson Says 44 Year old Never Married Woman Who Wants Marriage is “Desperate”

Some lady wrote to Robertson’s show today to say she is 44 years old, has never married, and would like to be.

Her letter did not come off sounding particularly desperate to me; she was asking Robertson should she pursue marriage by joining a dating site or something, or just keep praying that God send her a spouse?

Robertson did respond to her question, but only after spending the first 3/4 of his reply telling her she sounds “desperate” and had better tone it down, or she will never get married, because any man who meets her will be scared off by her desperation.

I’ve meet desperate single men before, and yes, their desperation is scary and a turn off. But I think it’s a far different thing for a woman to write a Christian show host simply admitting she’d like companionship and a woman going all out nuts that she’s not married. There is a difference between merely wanting something and being desperate about it.

I therefore found Robertson’s response a bit insensitive.

I don’t know why people bother writing this guy for advice – he’s currently about 85 years old, seems a wee bit addled at times, and typically gives heartless advice.

This might be the video:
(Link): Aug 28, 2014 Bring it On hosted by P. Robertson

Video on You Tube:

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