Several Articles about Adult Singleness From Sept 2014 CBE Site

Several Articles about Adult Singleness From Sept 2014 CBE Site

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CBE = Christians for Biblical Equality

As to the first link re: young marriage. I am opposed to Christians who push young marriage, I am not entirely against early marriage itself.

I do not think early marriage is a good idea for most people, but if someone chooses – walks into one of one’s free will, as opposed to marrying young due to church pressure or Christian propaganda – I can respect that.

Christians should stop pressuring people to marry at all, or to marry by a certain age, as the Bible does neither, and, by the same token, Christians need to stop shaming singles for being single, which they do on a frequent basis.

(Link): Wrestling with Young Marriage by Naomi Krueger

(Link): In Which We Have a Frank Chat About My Marital Status (Why Are You Single?) by Amy Young

(Link): God’s View of Singleness by Jessi Colund


  • Misunderstanding singleness is a particularly prevalent problem when our churches are influenced by patriarchy. Patriarchal cultures tend to define a woman based on her function or role rather than her personhood. If she does not fit easily into the role of wife or mother, she must be defined by another role. And since a positive portrait of a woman who does not “belong to a man” would be incomprehensible—and even challenging—to a patriarchal society, single women are often stereotyped negatively as “crazy old aunts” or “emotionally-stunted career women.”
  • ….this does not mean that marriage is wrong; it simply means that singleness is not a second-rate lifestyle inflicted on a few poor souls on the fringe of our Christian circles.

This next page discusses, among other things, how despite the fact that adult singles comprise over 40% of the American population, most churches continue to neglect them and focus on marriage and married couples:

(Link): Ideal Relationships and Metaphor: Siblings vs. Spouses?


  • But for other relationships in the church, Christians should treat one another as siblings in Christ—caring for each other’s needs and loving them because they are bound by adoption to a common family. Such a metaphor is less exclusive because there is no prerequisite or exclusion, as there is with marriage.

(Link): ‘With Gladness and Singleness of Heart’ (concerning adult singles; first published 2004)


(Link): Relationships Of Welcome, Not Fear (Re: How Sexist Christian Views Marginalize and Isolate Adult, Single Women and Maintain Other Stereotypes About Adult Singles)

(Link): The Nauseating Push by Evangelicals for Early Marriage

(Link): The Irrelevancy To Single or Childless or Childfree Christian Women of Biblical Gender Complementarian Roles / Biblical Womanhood Teachings

(Link): Singles Shaming at The Vintage church in Raleigh – Singlehood Shaming / Celibate Shaming

(Link): Otherhood – An overlooked demographic – the Childless and Childfree Women and Singles Especially Women Who Had Hoped to Marry and Have Kids But Never Met Mr. Right (links)

(Link): Mark Driscoll on Single Christian Women Who Desire Marriage – the positives and negatives of his piece

(Link): Are Single People the Lepers of Today’s Church? by Gina Dalfonzo

(Link): Are Christian Singles The New Second Class Christian? by Duke Taber

(Link): “Because I was single I felt second class.”-by Chandin, former Mars Hill member & single, on Mars Hill church

(Link):  “Family-ing” Single Adults by D. Franck – How Churches Can Minister to Single Adults

(Link):  If the Family Is Central, Christ Isn’t

(Link):  Lies The Church Tells Single Women (by Sue Bohlin)

(Link): Hey Ed Stetzer: Opposite Gender Friendships Are Not Sinful – Ed Stetzer’s Advice: “Avoid Any Hint” – More Like: Re Enforce UnBiblical Stereotypes About Men, Women, Sex, and Singles

(Link):  How the Sexual Revolution Ruined Friendship – Also: If Christians Truly Believed in Celibacy and Virginity, they would stop adhering to certain sexual and gender stereotypes that work against both

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