Christian Husband Raped, Beat His Wife, Made Her Sign “Slave Contract” – Why Christian Single Women Should Not Date or Marry Christian Men

Christian Husband Raped, Beat His Wife, Made Her Sign “Slave Contract” – Why Christian Single Women Should Not Date or Marry Christian Men

Another example of why Christian single women should not date or marry Christian men (see more examples (Link): in this post), or, I would urge extreme caution if a woman is considering it.

Don’t be equally yoked, ladies. It’s a waste of your time, and you end up with a rapist or abuser.

The dude in the story below who raped and beat his wife is a Christian. Whether he is a “real” Christian or not is irrelevant. Christian women marry these types of idiots assuming they are in fact “real” Christians.

(Link): Indiana man accused of raping and abusing wife after forcing her to sign ‘slave contract’

(Link): Man Arrested After Holding Wife As “Slave” And Torturing Her

(SEYMOUR) – A Seymour man is facing 38 charges including rape, criminal deviate conduct and criminal confinement after police discovered he had forced his wife to sign a contract to be his slave.

32-year-old Kenneth Eugene Harden of Seymour was arrested Saturday on strangulation and domestic battery charges related to an incident at his home.

…According to a probable cause affidavit, Harden forced his wife to wear a choker collar [slave collar – according to other sources, he removed the collar when she went to church or visit her mother], bound her with ropes and duct tape and tortured her as part of a “slave manual” contract he compiled.

…The woman told police she met Harden online through Craigslist and that initially he wasn’t violent. They met in Brown County and moved to Seymour six months ago.She described him as “sweet” and “godly” and said he “swept her off her feet,” according to court records.

…Harden later revealed to his wife that he was a sadist, and he wanted to be her “master.” He also continually badgered her about signing a contract with him, saying he would leave if she didn’t.She eventually signed the contract, and Harden continued to add more punishments and chores to the manual.On different occasions, the woman said Harden would tie her to her bed with a rope, duct tape her hands, feet and mouth and then leave her in that position for hours, causing her to urinate on herself.

He also would enforce his “bag of torture,” using multiple sex toys on her, the report said.

Some of the torture included choking the woman until she “lost consciousness,” snapping her with rubber bands and caused her “public humiliation” by torturing her in the nude in front of an open window at the couple’s home.

Harden also abused the woman’s dog and her when his two kids were around.

(Link): Indiana Man Raped and Tortured His Wife Under Forced “Slave Contract”

Kenneth Eugene Harden met his wife through Craigslist—the two were married in July of 2013. At first he had described himself as a Christian. Six months after the two were married, he told her he was a sadist (not that he can’t be both) and that he wanted to be her master. He is currently being held on $100,000 bond.

(Link): Police: Man forced wife to sign sex slave contract, tortured and abused her

SEYMOUR, IN (WAVE) – A Seymour man is accused of abusing and torturing his wife.The victim finally got the courage to call police during one of his tirades.Kenneth Eugene Harden, 32, of Seymour, is being held on a $100,000 bond in Jackson County.

…Harden is accused of 38 counts of rape, battery and criminal confinement against his wife who told officers she would scream and yell for help hoping a neighbor would call police.

….Davers noticed something else was odd about the woman who lived above him – she always wore a leather collar.”It was just a black strap and you could see where the chain could go into it. She wore it at the bus stop. She wore it everywhere she went,” Davers said.The collar was all part of a sex slave contract prosecutors said Harden enforced every day.

She told police she met him online last year through Craigslist.  He said he was a Godly man and they both talked about how much the Bible meant to them.

They soon married. A few months later, she said Harden revealed he’s a sadist.

…What started out as experimentation in the bedroom escalated into abuse.Not only would he lead her around with a collar on – prosecutors said he would force her head and hands into a wooden box after her child went to school.She told police there were also times he would duct tape or tie her up all day.

Charging documents go on to detail graphic sexual and physical abuse – all while she hoped and prayed someone would hear her through the apartment walls.

(Link): Police: Indiana Man Forced Wife To Sign Slave Contract

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