Man Divorces Wife Over Her Large Sexual Appetite

Man Divorces Wife Over Her Large Sexual Appetite

American Christians, like some portions of secular American society, like to believe that single women are over-sexed harlots who prey on married men, but that married women are cold, frigid beings who don’t want sex, but who prefer knitting or emotional intimacy to sex.

All of this is not true, but the stereotypes persist.

Christians also teach that if one abstains until marriage, that married sex will be great, super, and regular – also not true. There are many Christian – and Non Christian – marriages that are sexless.

Every so often, I will see a new story that reveals how untrue these stereotypes are, such as.

(Link): Man Divorces Wife Over Her ‘Excessive And Insatiable Desire’ For Sex

  • Apparently, one man was recently granted a divorce by a Mumbai family court because he could no longer deal with his wife’s “excessive and insatiable desire for sex.”
  • According to The Times Of India, the sex-fatigued husband first approached the court in January, claiming that his wife was “aggressive, stubborn and autocratic” and that she’d be harassing him for sex since they married in April 2012.
  • The man told the court his wife forced medication on him to boast his sexual stamina and threatened to hook up with other men if she remained unfulfilled. Things got so bad, the husband had to be hospitalized for an uneasy stomach at one point.

(Link):  ‘Aggressive, autocratic, insatiable’: Man divorces wife over her appetite for sex – by H Readhead

  •  Sep 2014 4:35 pm
  • Some couples may divorce because the spark has gone, but for one husband and wife, it was the opposite that was the problem.

    A Mumbai man has been granted a divorce after complaining that he could not deal with his wife’s ‘excessive and insatiable’ appetite for sex.

    The exhausted husband approached a Mumbai family court in January, claiming that his wife had been harassing him for sex ever since they’d married in 2012 and that she had been ‘aggressive and autocratic’ in her methods.

    And he didn’t stop there: the man told the court that his wife had even plied him with medication to boost his libido and threatened to shack up with other men if he failed to satisfy her vast appetites.

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