Interviews With Various Adult Celibates

Interviews With Various Adult Celibates

(Link):  For Some, It’s No Sex Before Marriage. For Them, It’s No Sex Until…

Interviews With Various Adult Celibates


  • Curated by Chie Davis
  • In a time where there’s so much emphasis on being sexy, sex before marriage, sex with no marriage, bringing sexy back, having sex in the city … you get it. There’s messages everywhere screaming sex, sex, sex!
  • Here’s a refreshing take that actually puts all that talk in perspective. It’s about NO SEX. But for these folks, it’s not the sleepy desert of loneliness that’s often painted … it’s more empowering.
  • My name is Isaac. I’m 31 years old and I live in Brooklyn. My first attempt with celibacy had to do with me traveling to the Amazon and working with various plants down there. In order to properly absorb the plants and work with them on a deeper level, you needed to abstain from sex for a month.
  • This time around, it’s a little different. I’ve been celibate for about one year. It has to do with me getting divorced, ending a relationship of six years, feeling like I needed to recharge and take a break from the pursuit of sex, and I just needed to take a period of time for my own healing.
  • In a way, I’m channeling all of that sexual energy into musical energy, creative energy, and I am working on mastering myself in the process and being the best musician that I can possibly be.

    My name is Antonia. I’m 42 and I’m from Brooklyn. Before two years ago, I didn’t know that there was such a thing as asexuality. I was writing a dating profile and I was trying to describe myself, and the term I came up with was naturally celibate.

  • I saw this thing called asexual and I was like, “Oh, what’s that?” And so I clicked on it and now, I was like, “Oh, my God, that’s like totally me.”
  • I’ve had sex, you know, because that’s the normal thing you’re supposed to do, and it’s just like other things I could be doing. I think I’m more of a sensual person. I would much prefer laying in bed hugging.
  • That turns me on as opposed to the sex per se. You know, I’ve always been a spiritual person. I think for me, it’s important that sex have that spiritual component to it, that’s what would interest me, you know, as opposed to just a regular physical thing.

    My name is Anthony. I’m 26. I work in Manhattan. Before I fight, I usually choose to abstain for about two months.

  • I choose to abstain because it gives me an edge when I fight. It makes me angrier and I feel just stronger.
  • My favorite fighters are old-school fighters and they chose to abstain before their fights, so I decided to abstain also, give me that extra edge. When I haven’t abstained, I’ve noticed that I was weaker. I wasn’t as strong fighting and wasn’t as sure.

There were two or three other interviews on that page.



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